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2012 Cadillac SRX beautiful and smooth MACHINE

By: Krystle Yvonne Smart
El Lider USA y Avenida

The 2012 Cadillac SRX, One Sharp advanced machine has arrived to the crossover line up of great contenders.
The Cadillac SRX is a Luxury Crossover SUV with elegant and distinctive styling combined with great- performance .The SRX has been updated with a more powerful engine, the all new 3.6- liter 300 HP turbocharged V6 engine. The Second Generation Cadillac SRX Is surely engineered at a superior level, and built to please any demanding and sophisticated taste. The new engine is 10 times better than the old V8 engine, and all the improvements have risen the level of Luxury making this unique Crossover probably the best of all time to please all Cadillac Lovers.
I personally love the exterior Styling and the subtle and elegant lines, just pure Cadillac design, a bold- luxurious sculpted silhouette of STEEL, the front Grille is striking and Bold with nice big headlights combined with smooth Sharp lines on the side; A chiseled back, and big vertical tail-lamps make the look appealing and interesting, in previous years I wasn’t’t satisfied with the styling, it looked unappealing and boring to me, now the all new SRX Cadillac is very modern, luxurious and Impressively-sharp.
The 2012 SRX presents a package with intuitive and advanced technology, the SRX Luxury Crossover offers glide-up touch-screen with GPS-based navigation system, a superb customized Bose sound system with 10 speaker is standard with all series, this is a special system that lets you pause and record up to 20 minutes of live music on the radio or XM, and you can listen to it at a later time, plus Bluetooth and USB connectivity; Advanced Technology with a programmable Driver information Center (DIC) that displays keys data in enhanced full-color to complement your life style and preferences.
The interior is plush with rear seats that fold down to create 60 cubic feet of usable cargo space, with plenty of storage compartments from front to back, and hidden ones under the floor to conceal valuables, and there is plenty of room for whatever you bring along, a very versatile space with a spacious feel, the SRX is the perfect for the Family with seating for up to 7 people, who can ride comfortably in style and luxury; A refined Interior with luxury in every detail. Plenty of Versatile space with a spacious feel, the handcrafted interior features French stitching, and Hand-crafted surfaces line up the doors and dashboard, providing soft touch points and elegance. A Leather wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, Polished chrome accents everywhere, and exotic Sapele wood trim, a distinct and rare wood grain that is beautiful in all lighting.
The 2012 SRX is powered with a new, fuel efficient V6 engine with direct-injection, this powerhouse renders up to 308 HP, and it is the most powerful engine in any luxury crossover, this machine is complemented with a wide band torque, that delivers instant acceleration on demand, a drive so smooth with precise control could only be possible with the precision engineering from Cadillac.
The 2012 SRX Check it out! This is not your Grand father’s caddy! The new SRX offers a distinguished, First Class–ride for anyone delivering that modern edgy element of refinement and Versatility.