<!--:es-->2012 First Generation Veloster is making waves
…Impressive & Youthful Design<!--:-->

2012 First Generation Veloster is making waves …Impressive & Youthful Design

By Krystle Yvonne Smart
Auto Avenida

First Generation 2012 Veloster is the new creation of Manufacturer HYUNDAI targeted
to a young and dynamic audience of not only enthusiasts but savvy consumers who demand quality and impressive design.

I traveled to beautiful St.Petersburg- Florida a perfect destination to marvel on the new
Veloster created and designed by Brandon the genius of engineering; I just had to go and
check it out for my self, and I was indeed very surprised at the cutting edge design and
functionality that Hyundai has implemented in this one of a kind 2012 Veloster- compact
three door coupe.

I drove the Veloster in St Petersburg on the highway trough out the city other near
attractions, for a total of 145 miles experiencing all terrains and conditions, 83 miles of these on the Highway, and it was a great experience; it drove smoothly and quietly.

The exterior design is like no other in its class, smooth angles, sexy curves, and
panoramic roof and great looks help this vehicle to be noticed, a real head turner, it’s
distinct and cutting edge design and body contour make the Veloster looks like a much more expensive car, it will be a surprise to many that it’s not at an expensive price, starting at $17,300 and up to $23,00 the Veloster is on target for the conscious buyer who is looking for value at a good price.

The Exterior has an aggressive design with a fictional third door on the passenger
side, the handle virtually invisible by the window and not on the side of the door, very
interesting and attractive! The Veloster shows a worldly and modern look and has substance with big benefits inside with best in class total volume.

Hands free calling and fully integrated Bluetooth phone system with voice recognition and phonebook transfer offers the ultimate way to make phone calls… so you can drive safely! Technology transforms your everyday commute into a driving force with your own mobile multimedia studio, Pandora & internet radio and cruise Control
available with controls mounted on the steering wheel and all these on the standard package.

The interior of the first generation 2012 Veloster has a sports Harley Davidson look
that’s also very functional and high tech features to keep you connected 24/7 via blue
link which offers location sharing, voice and text messaging with advanced voice recognition, you can find points of interest without distractions, you can search your very own music, and you can also create custom radio channels to play and share the tracks you love, the grace note technology lets you see album art and select music by artist and genre; Blue link is Hyundai’s innovative and newest technology for wireless
connectivity which offers amazing information and safety features, among these:
Emergency assistance Eco coach, Fuel economy and Automatic collision and Theft notification.

A standard 7 inch multimedia touch screen can be personalized with one of three visual themes and displays offers satellite radio, and navigation with turn by turn directions with current weather and traffic conditions, its voice recognition technology optimized to respond to any command such as saying an address by giving you a recommended route that appears on the screen in front of you, the 7 inch LCD touch screen is the biggest screen you can get in this segment, the programming will keep you informed and can
be managed by the power of your voice, added features give you access to information
and entertainment news, there’s a 115 Volt outlet for power , plus connections for video,
download your favorite images and create slideshows of your latest adventures, you can
watch a Tail gate Pre game or after show party ,and even play X BOX 360 in the comfort
of your own mobile media room. How COOL!.
The available rearview camera is a great feature that usually is offered in more expensive
luxury cars; you can watch video and play videos games When the car is in park. (A safety feature to keep you focused while driving and rewards you at the end of the journey)

The all new 2012 Veloster-First generation entry level three door coupe is going beyond the outer limits of technology and space, the unique 3 door design with glass rear hatch and split fold down rear seats combine an impressive effect that give the Veloster best in class total interior volume in the compact sport car segment.

The 450 Watt Dimensions audio system delivers plenty of power to 8 speakers including an 8 inch subwoofer. Your audio options include: Streaming music via Bluetooth, CDS and other Personal devices, Mp3 and I pods and even streaming music
from select mobile phones.

A Key less entry it’s the new high tech key for the veloster and will recognize you and unlock the vehicle. Once in the driver’s seat one touch of the start button will awake the car and set you free for the greatest drive of the day!