<!--:es-->2013 Ford Flex even better than before
…Advanced Technology and impeccable design for a family vehicle<!--:-->

2013 Ford Flex even better than before …Advanced Technology and impeccable design for a family vehicle

By: Krystle Yvonne Smart
El Lider USA

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Portland Oregon for the new introduction of the 2013 models of flex , Taurus and the awesome Mustang, the most accessible sports car of the company.
I spend couple of days at the Downtown Cultural District in Portland, the company provided a nice venue, and interesting roads to test all the new vehicles; I was delighted to drive the intriguing FLEX thru several bridges, and get a nice, but foggy view of the ocean, the drive experience was exciting and really wonderful.
The city’s many neighborhoods offer a culinary paradise with chef-owned restaurants serving locally grown foods and wines. Portland has many nicknames: “Rose City” (for the three spectacular rose gardens and the annual Rose Festival celebration), “Beervana” (Portland has more brewpubs than any city in the world), “Bridgetown” (8 bridges span the river into downtown), and was recently named “Greenest City in the World” by Popular Science.
The 2013 Ford Flex is the newest design and remake of the popular SUV, this Flex is amazing and like nothing you’ve ever seen before! The new Flex design is intriguing, and vey main stream as well as contemporary, and it blends the two with great harmony.
The new generation Flex offers great versatility and style. The grille is fresher, a new revamped look is more attractive, with refined lines and softer curves, irresistible and plush interior for all the comfort in the world, more advanced technology to make your life easier and more exciting behind the wheel in every drive.
The Drive was amazing and smooth ,great handling and response; The new Flex is equipped with a 3.5 Liter ECO boost – V6 engine, it renders 18 mpg in the city and 25 Hwy. Four trim levels to choose from and a new palette of 9 colors, it also offers a 2 Roof option for a customized look, and features such as Sync My Ford Touch, easier technology help keep your eyes on the road, ambient lighting, mood enhancing lighting with a nice accent in the spacious vehicle.
For great sound and quality, the 2013 Flex is also equipped with a Sony premium audio system, Bliss with cross traffic Alert programming, adaptive cruise control and collision warning with brake support, also 2nd row inflatable safety seatbelts.
Navigation system with Sirius XM and TL. Convenient rear view camera on trim Level SEL, also rain sensing wipers, Park assist takes the hassle out of parallel parking, and is available in the Limited Trim.
If you are a bling Nut, you can opt for the special appearance package and 20 inch chrome wheels, or the TITANIUM Appearance package, which is very luxurious and bold.
The price for the Ford flex ranges from 29,000 to 41,000 depending on the option packages.
Check the new Flex at your local dealership, you can always find a great deal in any Ford Vehicle during the Tax Season.