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5 Reasons Michelle Obama Isn’t Perfect

Ever since spending the afternoon with Michelle Obama at the White House, we began seeing the First Lady in a whole new light. Of course, in person she’s just as gorgeous, fit, intelligent, and hip as she looks on TV. But the truth is: She has «regular person» moments, too.
Mrs. Obama hosted the White House round-table discussion to talk about her «Let’s Move» initiative to fight childhood obesity; but over the course of the conversation, she opened up about a variety of personal issues including motherhood and how she stays in shape. As it turns out, she has flaws, imperfections, and insecurities just like the rest of us. And the best part? She isn’t afraid to cop to them! Here are five reasons Michelle Obama isn’t always as «perfect» as we think she is:
1. She’s afraid of being a bad mom. When asked about how she makes the White House feel «normal» and like home for Sasha, 13, and Malia, 10, Mrs. Obama worried out loud, «Like any mother, I am just hoping that I don’t mess them up.»
2. She’s a midnight snacker. Mrs. Obama may be a champion for healthy eating, but she gets cravings just like everybody else. When talking about how the refrigerator in the White House residence is only stocked with healthy foods like fruit, cereal, and nuts, she slipped and told us what she really wishes was in there, particularly around midnight: «I do find myself searching through those cabinets looking for some chocolate I just need and it’s just not there.»
3. She hates to work out. We wanted to hear the woman with the most famous biceps in the world tell us that working out gets easier if we just stick with it. Instead she admits this: «[Working out] is hard. And I would rather people know it’s hard so that they don’t think they’re failing. It’s hard every day. … And I don’t think it ever changes and I’m really mad about that.»
4. Sometimes she has to put herself first. Mrs. Obama has accepted the fact that to be a good mom and stay sane as the First Lady, she sometimes has to make herself her first priority — sometimes even over her family: «I want my girls to see the model of a mother taking care of herself, because, quite frankly, my mother didn’t do that.»
5. She’s worried about her looks. Mrs. Obama may come across as composed and confident in all of her photos. But she says she isn’t always pleased with what she sees. In fact, vanity is part of what motivates her to stay in such good shape: «It’s like a picture in the newspaper that looks crazy is my motivation. It’s like, oh, my God, is that me?»
We think it’s refreshing that someone as high-profile as Michelle Obama can be so honest about the fact that sometimes in life, she comes up short. Maybe the rest of us could take a cue from the First Lady and not be so hard on ourselves day in and day out.