“A President who doesn’t protect his citizens”


Today a few words about Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AKA AMLO).
Apparently he doesn’t give a damn about Mexicans
unless they are dues paying members of his political party.
Mexico News Daily and El Universal newspaper report that as many as 3000 Michoacan (State) residents from hundreds of families have fled their town.
They have been displaced by narco-violence as cartels continue fighting for territory in the Tierra Caliente (HOT LAND) region of the state (northwest of Mexico City).
Local and religious authorities say the number of refugees has grown exponentially in recent days with entire families leaving their homes with nothing but a few suitcases.
Some of the refugees from drug cartel violence (estimated at 600 families, or 3,000 people), have been displaced from rural areas in recent days. About 120 are currently lodged in a municipal office building in a small auditorium that has been converted to a shelter.
Local officials fear that the density of people will lead to violence and/or Covid outbreaks, but housing the displaced is difficult. Some have sheltered with family members and some are on the street.
Scandal: The local government asked state authorities to allow them to use certain buildings as shelters; they were denied.
AMLO’s radical attempts at governance are part of the problem, if not all of it. People are fleeing not just because of armed confrontations between cartel “soldiers,” but also due to the scarcity of electricity, water, phone and internet services that have been compromised by the active friction that AK-47 armed criminal cartel-members instigate daily.
Worse, food is running short, since armed criminals have blocked the roads into and out of the area. But AMLO sends food to the Government of Cuba so it can feed privileged Communist Commissars.
Catholic priest Jorge Luis Martínez Chávez:
“The armed men threw family members out of their homes and ranches and now have also taken their livestock and their land, so they don’t have anything left,” said one resident who wishes anonymity for obvious reasons.
“Further, he says the former prosperous community has been stripped of everything including their “peace.”
Martinez: “The people live with the uncertainty of violence … burned cars, blocked highways, assassinations everywhere, forced exile, the destruction of the roads… the destruction of telephone lines, little internet access and (they are) surrounded by armed people who defend their own interests…”
Residents have gone to the local military base for help, but were told that the armed forces could do nothing without orders from above. That can only be described as “incredible.” As for the state police, they declined to interfere in a federal matter.

The local military is probably a garrison of soldiers commanded by a colonel. Let’s assume that the colonel cannot independently order his soldiers into the area to protect the locals from the armed cartels. He would ask his general for permission, who would ask the Mexican Defense minister for permission, who would ask the President, the commander in chief, for permission to protect thousands of Mexican citizens.
Apparently, none of that has happened and the people aren’t being defended by the President of Mexico who simply has to tell the Defense minister to send troops into Michoacan with orders to protect the people.
Lopez Obrador hasn’t done that because he doesn’t want to. He believes he is converting the cartels into saints by his “hugs not bullets” philosophy.
Innocent Mexicans are dying thanks to “hugs not bullets.”
Lopez Obrador intervened when the military cornered and arrested drug kingpin El Chapo’s son because he feared some people would die; he ordered the criminal released. He then publicly cozied up to El Chapo’s elderly mother.
Lopez Obrador says there will be an unconstitutional national referendum next year asking the people to decide if he should resign the Presidency for lack of accomplishment.
Recommendation: The people should vote overwhelmingly for resignation.
Imagine what would happen in the United States if an American President refused to protect Americans from criminal elements that are better armed than the police or the National Guard.
Actually, President Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives because he did nothing to protect the capitol building and the in-session Congress of the United States on January 6. If that had occured before election day, I’d bet that he would have lost half the states he carried and lost the popular vote by 10-15 million votes, not just the seven-or-so millions he actually lost by in November.