AFT Supports the Charter School Accountability Agenda

WASHINGTON — Statement by American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten on the Charter School Accountability Agenda, a reform plan created by the Center for Popular Democracy and In the Public Interest to ensure that charter schools fulfill their role in education as lawmakers originally envisioned.

«The American people overwhelmingly support accountability and transparency for charter schools. If a school takes public dollars, the public wants some control and oversight of what goes on there. The Charter School Accountability Agenda lays out tangible steps we need to take to guarantee that every child gets a high-quality public education, whether that child is in a neighborhood school or a publicly funded charter school.

«Charter schools and neighborhood schools both have their place, but rather than closing neighborhood schools and replacing them with charter schools, we should return to the original mission of charter schools. Charter schools should be laboratories for innovation and creative ideas that can be scaled up so they can enrich communities. These schools should be held accountable for what they teach, who they teach and how they use public funds. And, rather than being pitted against other schools, charters should be part of a public education system that benefits each and every child.»