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Autopsies Released As Coppell Council Moves On

Coppell.- Tuesday nights Coppell City Council meeting started with a prayer and a call to move forward.
«Here we are tonight in the fresh aftermath of a terrible tragedy for our community and life and work is going on.»

The invocation struck a tragic and somber tone for the first full meeting since the deaths of Mayor Jayne Peters and her daughter.

Mayor Pro-Tem Bob Mahalik reinforced the tone. «Its still a very emotional room; still very sensitive. She was our friend; that nobody knew. Its just a difficult time.»

It has been two weeks since the tragic murder-suicide. The Council is still waiting for a report from the city attorney on Mayor Peters city-issued credit card usage. The attorneys finding could show that Peters used the card for personal purchases.. Mahalik says the report is expected any day.

Autopsy reports released Tuesday from the Dallas County Medical Examiner show that 19-year-old Corinne Peters died from a gunshot wound to the back of the head.

The report says there was no soot or powder residue in the wound, indicating the bullet was fired at a distance. The Medical Examiner ruled the cause of death as a homicide.

As for Mayor Peters, her autopsy report says she died from a gunshot wound as well, but at very close range. Her cause of death has been ruled a suicide.

The report also states Peters had two Fentanyl patches on her back. Fentanyl is a powerful painkiller typically used by cancer patients. The autopsy report shows Peters had no signs of cancer in her body, but also no Fentanyl in her system.

City spokeswoman Sharon Logan shared the sentiments of many Tuesday as they continued to work on processing Peters death. «We just simply cant understand why things occurred this way.»

Former Mayor Doug Stover served Coppell for six years before Peters. He says the city must move on after grieving. «Ill take a long time to go away, but theres a lot of healing.»

Stover is currently the only person to file paperwork to run for the mayors office in a November 2 special election. The filing deadline for the seat is August 30. If no one else files, the election could be called off and Stover declared the winner.