“Bernies’ Movement Dies in Little Havana”


Seven days after millions of Californians voted, the hammer of slow-counted millions of ballots fell on the U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders’ “movement.” Florida cinched it today.
He and his followers were convinced that millions of Californians would catapult him into the Democratic Presidential nomination. They didn’t.
Sander’s followers thought that Joe Biden’s hopes for the nomination would be ended by a huge tsunami of California progressive votes. Didn’t happen.
Eight days after Election Day, CNN called the California vote and the bad news for Bernie’s passionate minority was that, yes — he won more votes than Biden did, but the count was a disaster for Sanders.
Bernie Sanders 34 percent, Joe Biden 27 percent.
The Democratic votes cast and counted destroyed the Sanders-promulgated-myth that his “movement” is pervasive in the Democratic Party.
Yes, young Democrats like Bernie Sanders and his “movement.” Yes, but… Young Democrats don’t vote; old White Democrats do, old Black Democrats and Latino voters do also.
California, where Democrats hold every statewide elective office, control the 120 member two-house state legislature and dominate the House of Representatives delegation of 53 seats and have owned both U.S. Senate seats since 1992. Bernie needed a flood of votes in California. He didn’t get them.
Yes, Californians smashed Donald J. Trump in 2016 by four-million more votes for Hillary Clinton than for Trump but the whole state is not San Francisco where the people breathe Bernie Sanders’. The votes are in Southern California.
For example, Sanders won San Francisco with — not by — 87,000 votes while Joe Biden received 121,000 votes to come in second in San Diego County. Do the math.
And, unlike San Francisco, California’s south has millions more Mexican-origin people than Northern California. Mexican Americans are 85% of the state’s Hispanic/Latino population. They are numerous in the state’s Central Valley from Stockton south to the Tehachapi Mountains. South of those mountains, however, they are not only numerous, there are millions of them.
Los Angeles County has over five million, San Diego County, San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange Counties over three million. It is here in the Southern California counties where Bernie was blunted. Sixty-six percent of Democrat votes were against Bernie. Thirty four percent were for him — 34 percent.
In California, that is not a “movement,” 3.4 out of ten is a cult.
One last note: California Blacks make up only seven percent of the population; thus, Joe Biden’s 27% didn’t come from Black votes. Where did Biden’s votes come from? Mostly Southern California where strong seconds and wins in some Central and Northern California counties added up. That’s why Bernie didn’t run away with the state.
That leads us to today’s votes in Arizona and Florida. Arizona with its large and growing Mexican population is favored to go for Biden. Retired Snowirds have moved to Arizona in recent decades preferring the Arizona winter to that in Minnesota, Iowa, Chicago, et al.
Sixtysomething Snowbirds aren’t “revolutionary” Sander’s types.
The Sanders “movement” did not die in Arizona, however. It died in Florida; it died at the hands of Cuban exile families that had everything stolen from them by Fidel Castro and his Communist thugs in the 1960s.
Sanders committed political suicide by not acknowledging that political prisoners abound in Cuba, Women in White protest every Sunday and are attacked by state-thugs on Havana streets even when official Americans (Read President Barack Obama) are in Cuba.
The Castro brothers and their communist thugs have taken every ounce of private property from the entire middle and upper classes they found when Castro’s force triumphantly “liberated” Havana in 1959. Sanders does not mention this.
Hundreds of thousands of Cubans fled across the 90-miles of water separating Castro’s Hell from Florida on rafts, boats and inflated inner tubes over the years joined by mentally infirmed Cubans and prison rats Fidel Castro flooded the U.S. with in his famous Mariel Boat Lift during President Jimmy Carter’s single term.
Florida’s Cuban American population has forgiven Castro peccadillos but not political murder, torture, imprisonment of thousands of men, women and children, theft of private property and, lastly, any vestige of freedom Castro found in 1959. Sanders seems unaware of all this.
Of all the stupid blunders a politician can make, United States Senator, Democratic Socialist, Candidate for President Bernie Sanders told the world on CBS’s 60 Minutes, that: the Castro regime had done wonderful things for the Cuban people; Castro taught some people to read and write and they provided some state medical care most experts say doesn’t measure to our state-run Medicaid.
The Castros also leveled the economy so that the average Cuban today can earn a bountiful $20.00 a month. Millionaire Sanders doesn’t seem to know this.
Florida’s Cubans responded to Bernie’s positive view of Castro’s regime and its “accomplishments” by burying Bernie Sanders.
My bet is that most Florida Cuban voters voted against Bernie Sanders, even more than the 66 percent of California Democrats that voted against him in California. Adios, Bernie.