BOOK REVIEW: Delving Into the Mind of Another: What was John thinking?

(BANDERA, Texas) Double entendres, metaphors, allegories, similes—literature is full of them and the Bible is no exception. For years, scholars have been trying to decipher the meaning of the book of Revelations or trying to find historical evidence that events in the Bible actually did take place. Bob Jamison, retired minister, unveils the mystery behind the disciple John’s gospel in What Was John Thinking?

Jamison states: “Most of us have engaged in a meaningless conversation about what Jesus would say to the church if He returned to earth today or what the apostle Paul would say to the church. This book, What Was John Thinking?, tells the church what the apostle John does say to the church today.”

So what exactly does John tell the church today? John wrote two gospels in one gospel text. One written in plain language that we have studied for 2000 years, the other in figurative language revealed in initial messages in What Was John Thinking? telling us:

Every Christian has been given a task he/she is to discover and finish,

Churches have to submit to each other and work together to become the scriptural light of the world, and

The enemies’ strategies to keep us from accomplishing both of these aims.

Jamison examines and explains each of these points and shows how each one is relevant to today’s churches.

Bob Jamison received his Bachelor of Theology degree from Fountain Gate Bible College and spent six years in full-time ministry. During this period, he served as Church Administrator, Director of a Children’s Home, and President of a Christian Institute and Missions Ministry in which he taught and sought the working together of churches to help the poor. Bob is currently retired and resides in Bandera, Texas (Hill Country) with his wife Janet where he writes weekly newspaper articles for “Helping Hand” and volunteers as their treasurer.