Call to Unify District 1 in Runoff Election Gonzales, Benchot, Tovar Endorse Delia Jasso

Dallas, TX — Candidates Daniel Benchot, Mark Gonzales and Jesus Tovar closed their campaigns for District 1 City Council on a high note today.

After meeting privately with both runoff candidates, the three decided to endorse Delia Jasso in the District 1 runoff election that will be decided on June 13, 2009. Sean Paul Segura has decided to remain neutral in his decision to support either runoff candidate.

“We went in with an open mind,” said Gonzales, “but when Epker admitted that he had no strategy to implement his platform, most importantly a tax freeze for senior citizens, it was clear that he did not merit our support.”

The three candidates are grateful for the supporters and volunteers that assisted on their campaigns and hope their voters will turn out for Delia Jasso in the runoff. Gonzales said, “We had record voter turn-out this election for our district, as we work together we can do the same for this runoff election. Every person matters and so does their vote.”

The candidates pledged to work in District 1 encouraging voters to support Oak Cliff native Delia Jasso, the candidate that won the most votes in a crowded field during the May 9 municipal election. “I am very excited about the opportunity to unite the district and bring new leadership and trust to District 1,” Jasso said. “The support that Mark Gonzalez, Jesus Tovar and Daniel Benchot have shown is deeply appreciated.”