“Can a man who wears skinny pants be trusted?”


Men who wear “skinny jeans” or skinny any-pants would not have socially survived well in the neighborhood I grew up in.
As I watched the Select January 6 House Committee hearing the other night I was reminded of how the neighborhood boys in San Diego’s 95% Mexican neighborhood, Logan Heights, would treat Missouri’s Republican U.S. Senator Josh Hawley.
First, we would laugh like drunken hyenas at how he dresses, dresses in “skinny” jeans-like pants.
Secondly, we would scream with delight at how he combs his hair with a “mullet” on top of his head not behind it.
Thirdly, we would attack his unAmerican politics and how he manifests them with a closed communist/terrorist/union thug-like fist held high above his head while he is safely behind armed guards.
Lastly, we would dismiss Josh Hawley as a chicken-livered phony who runs away from “danger” like a crying little girl.
Se corre llorando como una niña — he runs away like a little girl, a crying little girl.
So shown on video tape running away from his own people we see “U.S. Senator Hawley” as he shows the entire world what a “cuddly kitty” he is. When his and Trump’s insurrectionists are running amok in the U.S. Capitol January 6, 2021, Hawley runs away from them, the very people he riled up with his closed fist salute to them earlier.
The very people Hawley draws support from frighten him. Why did he run away from his own people? Was he frightened? Of course he was.
We know from his brilliant military service that he is normally fearless when faced with high-odds against him and the troops he led in Iraq and Afghanistan. We know from his Mussolini-like strutting around in public how courageous he is. We know from his clenched fist support for the traitors who attacked the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.
The Stanford and Yale educated Hawley, of course, is not a military hero. He didn’t see fit to be part of the one or two percent of Americans who bother to serve nowadays. He does strut around like Benito Mussolini did when I was a kid.
Watching Hawley run away from his own threatening crowd like a scared little girl disgusted me. Running away from his own people, the people he personally saluted with a closed fist high above his head. The closed fist disgusted me.
The motto I learned in the U. S. Marines, Semper Fi (always faithful), comes to mind as I see Hawley strut around with a closed fist. Hawley manifested his “loyalty” to the insurrection and its ridiculou pseudo- Americans with his fist.
Yet, in the final analysis, he couldn’t even be loyal to those he appealed to with his closed fist salute.
They scared him. He ran away like a scared little girl. How can any man admire and support someone like Josh Hawley? And to think that this guy thinks he can be President of the United States.