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  • Zawahri urges attacks on oil targets

    DUBAI – Al Qaeda’s deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahri was speaking in a video interview posted on an Islamist Web site on Wednesday. Arabic television Al Jazeera said later it had aired excerpts from the same interview on September 19, but …

  • <!--:es-->Is George Bush the worst president – Ever?<!--:-->

    Is George Bush the worst president – Ever?

    PARIS — President John F. Kennedy was considered a historian because of his book “Profiles in Courage,” so he received periodic requests to rate the presidents, those lists that usually begin “1. Lincoln, 2. Washington …”

    But after he actually …

  • <!--:es-->Pope says Holocaust indelible human shame<!--:-->

    Pope says Holocaust indelible human shame

    VATICAN CITY – German-born Pope Benedict, who grew up during Hitler’s rise to power, condemned the Nazi attempt to exterminate Jews on Wednesday as a “project of death” that will remain forever an indelible stain on human history.

    In his …

17-Jun-2018 22:20:09