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  • <!--:es-->Texas budget cuts may shift burden to locals<!--:-->

    Texas budget cuts may shift burden to locals

    AUSTIN, Texas – Conservative lawmakers who dominate Texas politics make their political careers on promising to cut state spending and block new taxes. But when the budget slashing is done, city and county officials must pick up the pieces — …

  • <!--:es-->The Best Tax Site You’d Never Expect<!--:-->

    The Best Tax Site You’d Never Expect

    Procrastinate all you want, but tax season won’t go away. Instead, get your paperwork in order now, and read up on tax breaks and strategies that can lower your ultimate bill. Plenty of websites can help you, but the most …

  • <!--:es-->2011 Tax Outlook for Seniors<!--:-->

    2011 Tax Outlook for Seniors

    Most seniors will get no special breaks from the recently enacted tax package. Still, tax experts note that the extension of current tax rates will create a stable planning environment. They advise seniors to take advantage of the next two …

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