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  • <!--:es-->Launch of the superjumbo cruising ‘town’<!--:-->

    Launch of the superjumbo cruising ‘town’

    MARSEILLE, France – The cruise line business is riding high and the luxury liner of tomorrow will be more like a floating town the length of four football pitches and capable of carrying 6,000 passengers.

    The next generation of liner …

  • <!--:es-->FORD to cut production at Michigan SUV Plant<!--:-->

    FORD to cut production at Michigan SUV Plant

    DETROIT – Ford Motor Co. will cut production at a sport utility vehicle plant in Michigan to better align itself with declining demand for the gas-guzzling machines, the automaker said.

    A spokeswoman said Ford would reduce production at the Michigan …

  • <!--:es-->Company vows to take ethanol to next level<!--:-->

    Company vows to take ethanol to next level

    DES MOINES, Iowa – A South Dakota company announced it will build the first commercial scale cellulosic ethanol plant in the United States, meaning it will use corn stalks and leaves — not just the kernels — to produce the …

  • Retailers worried for Wal-Mart’s holiday cuts

    NEW YORK – Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Target Corp. posted better-than-expected quarterly earnings on Tuesday, but the world’s biggest retailer promised deep holiday discounts for consumers who are still feeling pinched — which could spell trouble for other retailers.

    Wal-Mart, …

  • <!--:es-->To Close or Not to Close<!--:-->

    To Close or Not to Close

    Take Charge America Describes 7 Factors You Need to Consider Before Closing a Credit Card

    Did you know that closing a credit card can actually damage your credit score?

    Americans have racked up more than $800 billion in credit card …

  • Oil slips under $60, OPEC stance offers support

    DETROIT – Ford Motor Co. narrowed its third-quarter loss and restated financial results from the last five years to correctly account for interest rate derivatives used to hedge longer-term debt.

    The restated results are for 2001-2005, the company said in …

  • WTO gives green light to “rising star” Vietnam

    GENEVA – The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has formally approved communist Vietnam’s membership of the global free trade system, opening up a new era of international commerce and investment for one of East Asia’s fastest growing economies.

    “It’s the 50th …

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