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  • <!--:es-->Protecting Your Income 
(Part II)<!--:-->

    Protecting Your Income (Part II)

    Disability insurance is known by various names such as Disability Income Protection, Disability Income Insurance, or Income Replacement Insurance. The basic function of all of the policies is the same: To replace a portion of your earned income in the event you cannot earn a living due to a sickness or accident. The different names are mostly a factor of what the insurance company chooses to label their product. There are several factors that affect what your premium will be. Because of this, two people of the same age who are at the same income level may be charged different premiums. The…

  • <!--:es-->Study: Movie piracy costs $20.5 billion a year<!--:-->

    Study: Movie piracy costs $20.5 billion a year

    LOS ANGELES – Movie piracy costs the U.S. economy $20.5 billion per year in lost business, jobs, wages and taxes, according to a study released Friday by the Institute for Policy Innovation, a Texas think tank.

    IPI, which describes itself as a nonprofit, nonpartisan public-policy think tank advocating lower taxes, fewer regulations and a smaller, less intrusive government, said it paid for, designed and conducted the study.

    It started with a finding from a study funded by the Motion Picture Association of America, the primary lobbying organization for major Hollywood studios, showing…

  • <!--:es-->PFSweb gets Nasdaq delisting notice<!--:-->

    PFSweb gets Nasdaq delisting notice

    Nasdaq has warned PFSweb Inc. that it could be delisted from the stock exchange if the company’s share price does not improve.

    Plano-based PFSweb (Nasdaq: PFSW), a provider of business process outsourcing services, said it received a delisting notification from Nasdaq Friday that it no longer complies with a requirement that stocks maintain a $1 minimum closing bid price for 30 consecutive business days. Nasdaq has given the company 180 calendar days to comply with the listing requirement. PFSweb closed at 92 cents a share Friday. In the past 52 weeks, the stock has traded between 79…

  • <!--:es-->American Airlines Unions side with Northwest flight attendants<!--:-->

    American Airlines Unions side with Northwest flight attendants

    The three unions at American Airlines say they support Northwest Airlines Corp. flight attendants, who have threatened to strike as soon as Friday night.

    The Allied Pilots Association, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants and the Transport Workers Union issued a joint statement saying the new contract proposed by Northwest Airlines’ (Pink Sheets: NWACQ) management was nonconsensual and contained steep pay cuts and significant work rule changes.

    “As we await a ruling today by U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero in New York regarding whether the flight attendants…

  • <!--:es-->A new future awaits you at New England Financial<!--:-->

    A new future awaits you at New England Financial

    “You can have the opportunity to be independent without being on your own”

    At New England Financial, our mission is “to be recognized as THE distribution channel of choice by Financial service professionals, the advisor comunity and the affluent and small business markets.”

    Our firms are small businesses rooted in their local communities*

    One-third of our clients are small businesses*

    We have received scores of endorsements from local associations*

    Our representatives are active in more than 65 industry networks and consortia*

    A history of integrity,…

  • <!--:es-->Cambie una Luz, Cambie el Mundo!<!--:-->

    Cambie una Luz, Cambie el Mundo!

    La Campaña “Cambie una Luz, Cambie el Mundo” promovida por ENERGY STAR le trae a usted 10 maneras diferentes para que ahorre en el alumbrado:

    1) Cambie cinco luces. Identifique las cinco lámparas, o focos, que usted use con más frecuencia en su hogar, y reemplácelos por modelos que han obtenido la etiqueta ENERGY STAR del gobierno. Ahorre así $60 al año en costos de energía. Las cinco luces usadas con más frecuencia se encuentran generalmente en la cocina, la sala, el baño y en el exterior de la casa (como en terrazas o faroles).

    2) Use 1 en vez de 10. Las lámparas…

  • <!--:es-->Protecting Your Income
(PART 1)<!--:-->

    Protecting Your Income (PART 1)

    If you are in business, you probably insure the components of your business against loss beyond your control. You insure your premises against fire, accidental injury, and theft of property. Your equipment is probably insured. You probably have business interruption insurance to compensate you if your property is rendered unusable due to accidental damage. Whether or not you own a business, you probably insure your car so you can be sure that you’ll always have the means to get to work. You probably insure your dwelling so you can be sure that there will be a roof over your head in the…

  • <!--:es-->Direct Energy adquirió 233 megavatios de energía renovable de la Granja Eólica Buffalo GAP2 de AES<!--:-->

    Direct Energy adquirió 233 megavatios de energía renovable de...

    HOUSTON – Direct Energy, el tercer minorista de energía eléctrica más grande de Texas, suscribió un acuerdo por 10 años con la Granja Eólica Buffalo Gap 2 de AES Corporation (AES) para la compra de la producción de energía y los correspondientes Créditos para Energía Renovable (RECs, por sus siglas en inglés) que resulten del proyecto de 233 megavatios que AES se encuentra desarrollando en el oeste de Texas.

    De acuerdo con Jay Hellums, Vicepresidente Senior y Jefe de Gestión de Energía para Estados Unidos de Direct Energy, el acuerdo destaca la sólida relación que…

  • Gran Inauguración de Súper Tienda Carnival en Oak Cliff

    Gretha Gudmundsson

    City Link- El Lider USA

    El clima económico inestable y los tiempos difíciles de negocios no han desalentado a la compañía gigante de comestibles Minyards, quien continúa una agresiva y enorme expansión de su línea latina abriendo y modernizando muchos de su mercados Carnivals en el Norte de Texas. La empresa está invirtiendo millones de dólares en la remodelación dentro del formato de súper tiendas como este Carnival y otras tiendas dentro de la cadena, tales como SAC & Save, seguirán en el futuro el mismo rumbo de modernización. Es muy…

  • FORD CEO says open to ceding top job: report

    FRANKFURT – Ford Motor Co Chief Executive Bill Ford Jr is prepared to let someone else lead the carmaker his great-grandfather founded should the right manager be available, he said in a magazine interview.

    “I’m always looking to bring talent into this company. If I can find somebody — I thought Carlos (Ghosn) was an exceptionally talented executive who could help the company — I’ll go get him. That is regardless of the position,” Ford told Newsweek in an interview posted on the magazine’s website.

    Asked if that applied to his own job as well, Ford replied:…

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