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  • <!--:es-->US begins Lebanon evacuation<!--:-->

    US begins Lebanon evacuation

    BEIRUT – The United States and other nations evacuated their citizens from Lebanon by helicopter, ship and bus on Wednesday as thousands of foreigners fled Israeli strikes pummeling the country for the past eight days.

    “It’s very bad, very sad, …

  • <!--:es-->U.N. mulls sanctions after North Korea  missile launch<!--:-->

    U.N. mulls sanctions after North Korea missile launch

    UNITED NATIONS – The U.N. Security Council considered imposing sanctions on North Korea’s weapons program after the reclusive state test-fired a series of missiles, including a long-range weapon.

    But President Bush, reflecting the measured response Washington has taken to Pyongyang’s …

  • Nine dead as rain causes floods

    PHILADELPHIA – The worst flooding in the eastern United States for decades, triggered by days of torrential downpours, has killed at least nine people and forced thousands to flee their homes.

    With roads washed out and waters rising, authorities on …

  • <!--:es-->Cuidado! . . . Tus llamadas pueden ser escuchadas<!--:-->

    Cuidado! . . . Tus llamadas pueden ser escuchadas

    El gobierno y el Congreso están cerca de llegar a un acuerdo para convertir en ley el programa de escuchas telefónicas sin autorización judicial, dijo el domingo el presidente del Comité Judicial del Senado.

    El presidente George W. Bush y …

  • Ejecutaron al Asesino del Ferrocarril!

    El homicida mexicano Angel Maturino Reséndiz, más conocido como el “asesino del ferrocarril”, fue ejecutado el martes en Texas.

    Maturino Reséndiz, un inmigrante ilegal involucrado en al menos 15 asesinatos ocurridos en lugares cercanos a vías del tren, fue ejecutado …

  • <!--:es-->Texas African American Leaders Call on Bush for Help on VRA Extension<!--:-->

    Texas African American Leaders Call on Bush for Help...

    In a direct and often stinging letter from the Texas Legislative Black Caucus, African American leaders in the Texas State House challenge President Bush to directly intervene with Texas Congressional Republicans currently blocking extension of the Voting Rights Act. The …

  • <!--:es-->Troops charged with murdering Iraqi civilian<!--:-->

    Troops charged with murdering Iraqi civilian

    WASHINGTON – The military on Wednesday charged seven Marines and a Navy corpsman with premeditated murder and other crimes in the April 26 killing of an Iraqi civilian in a village west of Baghdad, the U.S. Marine Corps said.

    All …

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