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  • <!--:es-->Studies Affirm Seafood to be a Healthy Food Choice<!--:-->

    Studies Affirm Seafood to be a Healthy Food Choice

    Americans can decrease their risk for heart disease by substituting seafood for other animal proteins, according to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies. A government-sponsored study, released today by the Institute, finds that seafood is rich in nutrients, …

  • Relieve your Aches and Pains naturally

    We all get aches and pains from time to time. Maybe it happens to you during or after exercise, or while you’re working in the garden or on a home improvement project.

    For most people, the pain goes away eventually. …

  • Peanuts Go Great with Other Produce

    There are many good reasons why Americans eat more than 600 million pounds of peanuts and more than 700 million pounds of peanut butter each year. Not only are they great for ballpark snacks and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, …

  • <!--:es-->Es la Sábila, una planta casi mágica!<!--:-->

    Es la Sábila, una planta casi mágica!

    . . Si tienes dudas sobre su uso y aplicación, lo mejor es asesorarte previamente con un dermatólogo

    Ciudad de México.- Muchas amas de casa aseguran que la sábila tiene diversas propiedades terapéuticas, pero no saben que necesitan más que …

  • Underweight infants at risk as teens: study

    CHICAGO – Children born underweight but not disabled are still more likely to have physical and mental problems as teen-agers, researchers said on Monday.

    Lower scores on tests of intelligence, memory, learning and motor skills were found to be more …

  • <!--:es-->Many diabetics risk health by not taking meds<!--:-->

    Many diabetics risk health by not taking meds

    NEW YORK – About 21 percent of individuals with diabetes do not regularly take their blood-sugar lowering, blood-pressure lowering or cholesterol-lowering pills, researchers found in study of 11,532 diabetes patients.

    The study patients who were nonadherent to treatment had higher …

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