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  • Gran Sufrimiento al perder un hijo en Irak!

    LOS ANGELES, California.- Carlos Arredondo de 44 años, se prendió fuego y destruyó una camioneta del gobierno cuando supo, el día de su cumpleaños, que su hijo había muerto en Irak.

    La madre del soldado José Ángel Garibay, el segundo soldado de Estados Unidos muerto en la operación militar “Libertad Iraquí”, que terminó con el régimen de Saddam Hussein, lloró en la televisión, sosteniendo en la mano la última carta que su hijo le mandó.

    Ambos mostraron a nivel nacional su frustración, rabia y desolación al enterarse de la dolorosa pérdida de su familiar en la…

  • <!--:es-->Republicans block vote on troop pullout<!--:-->

    Republicans block vote on troop pullout

    WASHINGTON – U.S. President George W. Bush’s fellow Republicans in the Senate on Wednesday blocked a Democratic proposal to force him to withdraw American combat troops from Iraq after a rare round-the-clock debate.

    The action prompted weary and frustrated Senate Democrats to postpone consideration of other measures to bring the war to an end. But they voiced confidence more Republicans would soon join their efforts.

    On a vote of 52-47, backers fell short of the needed 60 to clear a Republican procedural hurdle and move toward passage of an April 30, 2008, deadline for removing U.S….

  • <!--:es-->Bush brushes aside Republican dissent on Iraq<!--:-->

    Bush brushes aside Republican dissent on Iraq

    CLEVELAND, Ohio – President George W. Bush on Tuesday brushed aside the criticism of fellow Republicans over Iraq and demanded the U.S. Congress allow his troop buildup more time to work.

    Bush ruled out an immediate change in strategy, even though prominent Republican lawmakers like Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar have broken ranks and called for him to shift course on Iraq.

    Defiant in the face of a frustrated American public and Congress, Bush said the 28,000 additional troops he ordered into Iraq have not been in place long enough to gauge results because the final wave arrived only last…

  • ‘¡Maldita sea, acabaremos en la cárcel!’

    Londres, Inglaterra.- Un video que muestra cuando dos pilotos estadounidenses dispararon por error en 2003 contra blindados británicos en Iraq, matando a un sargento, fue divulgado hoy por los medios británicos, pese a que Estados Unidos se niega a difundirlo.

    “¡Maldita sea, acabaremos en la cárcel!”, dice un soldado estadounidense tras percatarse de que se había equivocado de blanco y atacado por error a un blindado británico, según la transcripción por el diario The Sun de la supuesta conversación entre los dos pilotos.

    La grabación de la cabina de un caza…

  • Lawmakers brace for showdown with Bush over Iraq

    WASHINGTON – Congress was poised for a showdown with US President George W. Bush over his reported plans to deploy additional troops in Iraq, with even Republican lawmakers expressing serious misgivings.

    Bush briefed legislators on details of a speech he was to deliver Wednesday announcing the plan, and Republican Senator Lindsey Graham confirmed the president was looking at 20,000 new troops in addition to the current 132,000. But Graham stressed the president’s plan was “still a work in progress.”

    Democratic leaders have expressed strong opposition to any new deployment and…

  • U.S. considers more troops for Iraq

    WASHINGTON – President Bush is weighing a short-term U.S. troop increase in Iraq, his spokesman said on Tuesday as he denied reports of a rift between the White House and resistant Pentagon chiefs.

    With the White House predicting Washington will spend more than $2 billion a week on Iraq well into next year, a senior official declined to speculate on the cost of an extra 20,000 troops — a figure U.S. media say Bush is weighing.

    A temporary infusion of forces into Iraq was an idea the high-powered Iraq Study Group considered acceptable in its report, which also recommended Bush withdraw…

  • Bush to announce new Iraq strategy next year

    WASHINGTON – President George W. Bush will delay announcing a new Iraq strategy until the new year, the White House said on Tuesday amid polls showing Americans are more pessimistic about the war and want a change.

    After Bush held talks with U.S. military commanders about their assessment and possible options, the White House said the president’s new policy would be presented next year, probably in January.

    “He decided that, frankly, it’s not ready yet,” White House spokesman Tony Snow said.

    Aides previously said Bush hoped to announce a new strategy next week, before the…

  • US not winning in Iraq, US defense

    WASHINGTON – Defense Secretary nominee Robert Gates said the United States is not winning the war in Iraq and warned of the risk of a “regional conflagration” if the situation does not improve in the next year or two.

    Gates opposed military action against either Iran and or Syria except as “an absolute last resort,” saying in a Senate confirmation hearing that the war in Iraq had shown the unpredictable consequences of war.

    “Our course over the next year or two will determine whether the American and Iraqi people and the next president of the United States will face a slowly…

  • <!--:es-->Bush says troops will stay till task accomplished<!--:-->

    Bush says troops will stay till task accomplished

    BAGHDAD President Bush said the hand of al Qaeda lay behind sectarian violence racking Iraq, and he would not pull troops out “before the mission is complete.”

    Bush, speaking in the Baltic republics before a NATO summit, deflected talk of “civil war” — a description which could increase pressure on him to withdraw U.S. forces.

    “There is one thing I’m not going to do. I am not going to pull our troops off the battlefield before the mission is complete,” he said in a speech at the University of Latvia.

    In Baghdad, U.S. military spokesman Major General William Caldwell…

  • Marine pulls wounded Iraqi soldier to safety in Iraq’s...

    HADITHA, Iraq (Oct. 15, 2006) -Lance Cpl. Ryan C. Sommer insists that he was simply doing his job when he pulled a wounded Iraqi soldier to safety during combat operations in Haditha, Iraq, late last month.

    But fellow Marines from the Hawaii-based 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment – Sommer’s unit – and local Iraqi soldiers disagree. They say he’s a hero.According to Iraqi soldiers and Marines from 2nd Battalion’s Echo Company, Sommer’s initiative and complete disregard for his own safety when he ran though a hail of enemy gunfire saved the soldier’s life. Sommer’s actions…

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