Child Marriages in the United States? Yes, If we continue to accommodate Islam

“In view of California’s gay marriage ruling, how can we legally stop polygamous and child marriages of the sort seen in Muslim countries?” asks author.

In the Islamic country of Yemen, over 50% of all married “women” are age 14 or younger– including those who have been married for several years. Girls as young as six and seven are married to men in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.

Which leads Joel Richardson, editor of the provocative new book Why We Left Islam: Former Muslims Speak Out (WND Books, ISBN 9780979267109, April 29) to ask, “In light of the recent California court ruling and the FDLS legal fiasco in Texas, is the time coming when we in the U.S will be forced to tolerate child brides and multiple wives?”

The 23 former Muslims who contributed to Why We Left Islam: Former Muslims Speak Out are explicit about the dangers that such incremental surrender of our morals and beliefs, called “soft sharia,” presents. In fact, several of the book’s contributors left Islam to escape just these sorts of marriages.

Notes Richardson, “In this country, the lifestyles of pro-polygamy groups like the FDLS have been seen as unacceptable, even bizarre; the marriage of young girls to older men is considered a form of child abuse. And yet that is the norm in Islamic countries.”

The former Muslims whose harrowing stories are featured in Why We Left Islam ask: Are Americans prepared to go all out to protect their culture from such morally bankrupt beliefs, or will we sit back and let activist judges overturn thousands of years of tradition?

An expert on Islamic theology, a human rights activist and a popular speaker, Joel can speak to this and other questions surrounding Islam:

* The many Islamic traditions that are diametrically opposed to Western traditions

* How Islamic fascists are demanding that two forms of “justice” – Western and Islamic be used in countries such as Canada.

* The dire fates of millions of Islamic women

* The hold that Islam has on adherents, the frightening consequences facing those who leave the religion, and why every American should be concerned

about Islamic incursions into our culture

Why We Left Islam has already hit #1 in Amazon’s Islamic category while generating opposition from lobbying groups such as the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR), whose spokesman Ibrahim Hooper has denounced it. Contact information:

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Joel Richardson has a degree in Theology and Practical Ministry. He has lived in the Middle East, where he pursued his lifelong passion of studying both Jewish and Islamic theology and source texts.

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