<!--:es-->Children Who Get More Sleep May Perform Better In School<!--:-->

Children Who Get More Sleep May Perform Better In School

More sleep may lead to better behavior and social skills amongst school kids, says a new study from researchers at Douglas Research Center in Quebec, Canada. For the study lead researcher Reut Gruber and his team examined 34 school kids ranging between the ages of 7 and 11.
The children were split into two groups—one gaining an extra 27 minutes of sleep each night for a week while the other lost about 54 minutes of sleep each night that week. The research team then surveyed the kid’s teachers, who were unaware of the groups, about their behavior.
The teacher reported that the children who had less sleep seemed more irritable, had less patience for their classmates and were less attentive in class:
«Extending sleep opens the door to an effective, feasible way to improve children’s health and performance,» told Gruber.