Coffee Creek Media Group and Author Sharon Jones-Scaife is excited to announce its “Christmas in July eBook Giveaway”.
“Christmas in July eBook Giveaway” was designed to keep young readers enriched and engaged the last days of their summer vacation by providing access to free eBook downloads.
“It’s an honor to provide my book, “Kindness, It’s In You” as one of the highlighted and first books.”
During these last days of summer, the threat of boredom looms large. To beat back boredom, while at the same time avoid backslide and learning loss, the eBook giveaway makes books by author Sharon Jones-Scaife available for free.

“A book is an adventure. Whether you seek mischief or magic, you’ll find plenty of book escapes in my collection.” “Reading gives kids someplace to go when they have to stay put,” states Jones-Scaife, who is also a magazine publisher and graphic designer.
According to We Read Picture Books, “Kindness, It’s In You, by Sharon Jones-Scaife is an inspirational children’s story about the importance of being kind.
The main character is a young girl named Haylie. Kindness is important to her and is disappointed when someone is mean. Her friend named Gus is a mean trouble maker. It displeases Haylie every time Gus is mean to someone. Whenever Gus is mean, Haylie reminds him that “it’s important to be important, but more important to be nice. This is an excellent book for teachers and parents to read to their children to help them understand the importance of being kind.
To be a good human being! The story end with a positive message and suggestions from Haylie that are heartfelt.
The story is enjoyable and educational. Kindness, It’s In You is highly recommended.”
Parents, teachers, and children can download these children’s books from July 22 until midnight on July 31.
Visit for a complete list of dates each book is available for download. Other titles include I Miss You Papa, Mrs. Hughes is Missing, It’s Bedtime Lil’ Marco, Lil’ Marco Plays Hide and Seek, Maddie on a Mission, and Just Kick It.
THIS GIVEAWAY IS LIVE FROM JULY 22 AND WILL RUN UNTIL MIDNIGHT ON JULY 31. For a complete list of the titles that can be downloaded for FREE visit

About the Author

Sharon Jones-Scaife grew up in Marvell, Arkansas, the fourth of 15 children. As one can imagine, she spent a great deal of time reading to her younger siblings. She is a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a BA in Graphic Design and Illustration.
Sharon Jones-Scaife is the publisher of Teen Graffiti, a magazine that serves as a voice for teens and as an avenue of communication, allowing teens to express their opinions, concerns, and ideas through poetry, essays, articles, and photography. Sharon Jones-Scaife is also the author of I Miss You Papa, Mrs. Hughes is Missing, It’s Bedtime Lil’ Marco, Maddie on a Mission, Kindness, It’s In You, Just Kick It, and Becoming, a collection of original poems and illustrations. A resident of Sachse, Texas,
Sharon Jones-Scaife spends her time supporting her son in basketball, creating adventures with her grandchildren, running, cycling, writing, and of course, reading. Sharon Jones-Scaife is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at
More information is available at her website at