City Council will consider amendments to personnel rules regarding police termination appeals

The Dallas City Council is concerned about recent reinstatements of police officers terminated for misconduct. Since January 2004, of 12 cases tried in appeal hearings before administrative law judges, six of those discharged officers were reinstated.

Those reinstatements included a narcotics squad supervisor involved in the fake drug scandal, and two officers terminated for theft. During the last five months, there have been seven discharged officers reinstated.

Three were reinstated by Assistant City Managers, two were reinstated by Chief Kunkle and two were reinstated by administrative law judges. As a result of these actions, the Council will consider several amendments to the city’s personnel rules regarding termination appeals by Dallas Police officers.

The amended rules would require that all such appeals be heard by the City Manager. Previously, these appeals had been heard by Assistant City Managers. The rules will also require that the Police Chief attend all City Manager hearings concerning appeals of discharged Dallas Police Officers.

In addition, a City Attorney will represent the chief in all such discharge appeal hearings. The Council will also vote on a resolution directing the Judicial Nominating Commission to review the current administrative law judges’ application of the city’s personnel rules and procedures and the Dallas City Charter in hearing disciplinary appeals.

There are currently four administrative law judges under contract with the City of Dallas.