City to Cut Ribbon at Historic Miller Family Park Celebration Coincides with Family’s Reunion

DALLAS, TEXAS –Tennell Atkins, Councilman District 8, announced today, the City of Dallas will celebrate the installation of new playground equipment and improvements at Miller Family Park ( 2814 Persimmon Road ) and welcome nearly 1,000 Miller family members and visitors during their family reunion at the park on Saturday, July 11 at 10:00 a.m.

Mr. Atkins said, “Its time to recognize the contribution of these early African American pioneers and settlers to Dallas and the historic park they created.”

The Park was part of the 600-acre Miller Family Farm purchased in 1874 by John Miller, a former slave. Fifty years ago, Miller’s descendants sold part of the land to the City of Dallas to create the Miller Family Park in Oak Cliff. Donald Payton, the family’s historian said, “Councilman Atkins and Park Board Member Gail Terrell were at our reunion last year, so we’re pleased to have them join us again this year to celebrate the new park equipment and facilities.”

Ms. Terrell acknowledged the leadership of Councilman Atkins, Paul Dyer, Willis Winters, John Jennings, Carolyn Bray, Richard Lyon, Kevin Moore and other Park and Recreation department staff for making improvements at the historic park. She also lauded Felicia James, the African American female contractor for the park improvement project and her company Primestar Construction, for all they are doing to get the park ready in time for Saturday’s celebration.

Improvements to the Miller Family Park were financed by 2006 Bond Funds and include two playgrounds, a swing set, a drinking fountain, benches, new trash receptacles and picnic tables. Family members will begin arriving Friday for the annual celebration. The ribbon cutting and the park are open to the public.