“Coronavirus and Elections Can Kill”


When Wisconsin violated all common sense and held its Primary election, I shook my head and wondered how could any American state be so dumb as to not postpone an election in the middle — if we are lucky — of a national health emergency in which hundreds of Americans are dying every day.
How could Wisconsin violate the rights to life of Wisconsinites when it could have postponed the Primary election to June or later, like Florida in August?
Unfortunately, in this case, states control elections. Wisconsin exercised its constitutional duty. There was nothing I could do other than curse the State of Wisconsin and its dumb politicians.
There is something I can do about a similar situation in a country I visited in February. I was in Azerbaijan, a country of ten million people sandwiched between Russia and the Islamic Republic of Iran. I was there as a media observer of parliamentary elections on February 9th. That was just before the coronavirus leaped out of China to kill tens of thousands.
A few days ago, the Republic of Armenia, subsidized by billions of American taxpayer dollars and Russian rubles, backed politically by Russia and defended by the Russian Army, held a “Presidential and parliamentary election.”
Not in Armenia. It scheduled the election in its puppet state, the so-called “Nagorno-Karabakh Republic” it created out of the occupied Azerbaijani national territory in the early 1990s. It gave this unrecognized regime an Armenian name — Artsakh. The election was scheduled for March 31st.
The Armenian government locked down tiny Armenia’s 3-million people when the coronavirus hit it, but sent a thousand Armenians into the occupied territory as “election observers”.
Note: As of March 31 there were no cases of COVID-19 in Nagorno-Karabakh.
Armenia shut down its border with Iran when coronavirus killed many there. Iran had become a coronavirus “hot spot.” Armenia, however, didn’t bother to shut down the Azerbaijani-Iranian border that its troops control – the one between occupied Karabakh and Iran.

Flooding across the Iranian border during the coronavirus pandemic into the occupied Karabakh have been gasoline tanker trucks loaded with blackmarket gasoline and oil that Iran can’t sell on the market because President Donald Trump’s sanctions on Iran have eliminated its legitimate markets.
First, then, are the thousand people Armenia sent to “observe the elections;” then the daily truck traffic from a coronavirus “hot spot.”
No wonder the COVID-19 hit the virgin territory that didn’t have a single case of coronavirus before March 31. Nagorno-Karabakh now has confirmed cases of coronavirus.
This has to be said: Nagorno-Karabakh has coronavirus victims now, thanks to Armenian irresponsibility, blackmarket gasoline, disobedience by Armenia in purchasing blackmarket Iranian gas and oil and the dumbness of sending people from its locked down territory to the areas of Azerbaijan it occupies. It had no victims before the Armenians flooded the coronavirus-free territory with “observers.” And they did this with American taxpayer dollars and Russian rubles.
My complaint to my congressman and senators is this: Why do some Congresspersons, especially those from California, Massachusetts etc. with large Armenian communities, put pressure on the Trump Administration to send more and more precious American tax dollars to Armenia that’s the main Russian outpost in the region, and has a strong alliance with Iran?
Armenia has a joint-defense pact with Russia and a Russian general commands Armenia’s military. Armenia sent infected people with coronavirus to the occupied territory of Azerbaijan.
Armenia has created an artificial “republic” no nation in the world recognizes.
The U.S. does not recognize “Nagorno Karabakh” as an independent country. Yet, between 1998 and 2019 at the behest of the Armenian lobby, Congress sent millions of American tax dollars to the occupied Nagorno-Karabakh. Armenia used this cash to consolidate the unlawful occupation of Azerbaijan’s territory.
Finally, last year the Trump Administration rightfully stopped this aid to an illegal regime. Good for Trump. Now, the Armenian lobby is doing its best to get that immoral “aid” restored.
Nagorno-Karabakh has been illegally occupied since 1993, as have adjacent seven Azerbaijani provinces. Over 800,000 Azerbaijani civilians were ethnically cleansed by expulsion from the Armenian-occupied regions, becoming internally displaced people to this day.

The UN Security Council passed four resolutions condemning this occupation and demanding Armenian forces withdraw from Azerbaijani territory; four times Armenia refused to honor the demands.
Here is another reason Congress should cut Armenia loose: The very election Armenia sponsored in Nagorno-Karabakh on March 31, complete with “observers,” has been rejected internationally by over 25 countries including the U.S., the UK and Canada as well as International organizations including the European Union, NATO, The Non-Aligned Movement and The Organization for Security and Cooperation (OSCE) in Europe.
Now that Armenia has been burned by sending infected people into Nagorno-Karabakh, has it learned its lesson? No. Armenia scheduled a run-off election for Tuesday, April 14.