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Dallas ISD Spotlight: Suzanne Kubelka

Health Services Director Suzanne Kubelka believes that a healthy child is more likely to come to school every day ready to learn. That belief permeates her department as a charge to remove the barrier of illness for students. “It can make the difference in their academic success,” maintains Kubelka.

As a school nurse, Kubelka gained experience on several campuses. She describes school nurses as generalists, but specialists, explaining “this role allows nurses to use all of the knowledge gained in school and beyond in one specific area – students.”

Kubelka’s passion is evident when discussing the Teen Pregnancy and Parenting Program, which aims to reduce absenteeism and dropouts resulting from teen pregnancy and parenting responsibilities. This group requires special attention and resources, often involving other departments and community organizations. “The answer to teen pregnancy lies in education, which is what this initiative focuses on; keeping students, male or female, in school and on track for graduation.” This is achieved in part by building a relationship between the district, students and their parents.

Kubelka is fully committed to meeting the health needs of Dallas ISD students. “Our job extends beyond their tenure as a student. We work to give them the tools to make lifelong decisions regarding their health.”

Suzanne Kubelka received a Masters in Nursing from UT Arlington, and has worked in pediatric and school health nursing for more than 30 years. She joined Dallas ISD in 1987.