Dallas Mavericks: Eliminated  Playoff Team Trade Possibilities

Dallas Mavericks: Eliminated Playoff Team Trade Possibilities

The first round of the NBA Playoffs are officially over. Here is one trade possibility to watch for from the eyes of the Dallas Mavericks.
The Dallas Mavericks have numerous directions they could go this summer. One of them being exploring a trade with a team looking to make a change.
With eight teams getting put out of the first round, here is one name to watch from each team that Dallas could inquire about in a trade.
Spurs- Kawhi Leonard
Might as well start off with the biggest name on the list. I realize the possibilities are small, but if the Spurs really do put Leonard on the block because of their strained relationship. I would expect Dallas to at least make the call. You have to assume the 2018 first round pick would have to be in the deal in addition to another piece or two. What would be the cost of pairing Leonard with Smith Jr. for the foreseeable future?
Timberwolves- Andrew Wiggins
Some people cringe just hearing this suggestion. Next season is the beginning of Wiggins’ five year max deal where he will make $25.2 million next year. Thunder- Andre Roberson
I wanted to put Steven Adams, but I don’t see them moving Adams at the moment.
Roberson is due roughly $20 million over the next two seasons. Moving on from his money would help, but what if they wanted an upgrade to a wing defender that can shoot and defend?

Blazers- C.J. McCollum
Like Leonard, this is an obvious one as Portland enters another crucial offseason strapped for cash.

Bucks- John Henson

Henson is the fourth highest paid player on the Bucks and is due roughly $20 million over the next two years. For that reason, they should be shopping him this summer.

Heat- Hassan Whiteside
Like Wiggins, this is another name a lot of people won’t like hearing.

Pacers- Thaddeus Young
This was the hardest one. Indiana doesn’t have a ton of guaranteed roster spots for next season and will have a plethora of cap space to spend.

Wizards- Otto Porter Jr.

What a weird season for Washington.
Changes are clearly on the horizon for the Wizards and it could mean that one of Beal or Wall is headed elsewhere. But my guess is they try to ship off the large contract of Porter Jr. first.