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Dallas Votes on Strong Mayor Proposal

Voters rejected Proposal to give more power to the city;s mayor

DALLAS – For the second time in six months, Dallas voters on Tuesday rejected a proposal to give more power to the city’s mayor. By a margin of 53 percent to 47 percent, with 94 percent of the precincts reporting late Tuesday, voters rejected the proposal, which was presented as an alternative to the strong mayor proposal defeated soundly in May.

The campaign for the revised referendum was decidedly much more low key than its May predecessor.

And while Mayor Laura Miller supported Proposition 1, she had not campaigned for it.

If passed, the referendum would have transformed the position of mayor from a ceremonial figurehead into one of power, with the ability to fire and hire city managers and to write the city budget.

«A mayor who is elected citywide to represent everybody ought to be able to come in and execute a vision and that means having a city manager that’s working with that mayor,» Miller said.

Big business endorsed the plan, but that several council members who helped write Prop 1 backed off at the last minute.