DFW SPORTS MIX 01 03 13 por Don Arnick

Watching all the NBA action on Christmas Day and you can learn some things after the night of basketball is over. One, the folks at LA’s Staple Center are fast working people. And they earned their money on Christmas day as they worked two basketball games in one day. Getting the court ready for the Lakers, then the Clippers is hard work which they got done. Two, the town of show business has two great teams playing in that one spot. The Lakers are beginning to come out of their shell after slumping for a while and having the Laker faithful scarred. The one link that was missing, Steve Nash. He has been nursing a injury, but finally got into the lineup and the Lakers showed immediate improvement. Against the NY Knicks, the Lakers battled back to win and showed an national television audiance that the are not dead. And beginning to show that with improvement they are a NBA champion contender. But they now have to battle the Clippers for bragging rights to the best team in Southern California. The LA Clippers are now the «it» team in LA. With Blake Griffin, Chris Paul making the moves, the Clippers are running LA with the NBA’s best record. Yes I said it, Clippers are the NBA’s best. Not the worst, like back in the day. Yes it is still cool to be an Laker. Now it’s hip to be a Clip!!
Well here we go again. The Dallas Cowboys play in another all or nothing game. Win and get into the playoffs as the NFC East Division Champions and host a first round game. They get the Washington Redskins with Robert Griffin III, who torched the Pokes on Thanksgiving day. To the Cowboys credit, RG3 did not dominate the action, they kept him in check most of the game. Pokes QB Tony Romo kept the Boys in it with a 4th quarter touchdown pass to Kevin Ogletree with a 2 point conversion added on. 21-18 at that point. All the Cowboys needed to do is to hold down the Skins to 3 and out. Enter Albert Morris, the rookie running back for Washington who leads the number on rushing attack in the NFL. And he made it tough for the Cowboys all night long. He had a 200 yard night, and he capped it with a 1 yard run to ice the game and the NFC Eastern Division title with a 28-18 win. For the Skins they host Seattle in the first round. For the Cowboys, another 8-8 finish, and more talk about Tony Romo not coming up big in the big games. And more talk about the Cowboys being an average team. But there is good news moving forward, all the injured defensive players return next season. Demarco Murray returns as the Cowboys main running back, the whole team will be in tact for next season. The bad news, is now they will be chasing what could be the new NFC East Division standard, as the Washington Redskins will be the team to beat for the next few years.