DFW SPORTS MIX 01 17 13 By Don Arnick

In a radio interview, Dallas Cowboys Owner and General Manager Jerry Jones said that he would make things unconfortable at Valley Ranch And he was not joking
around. The Pokes canned Rob Ryan after two years of being the teams Defensive Coordinator. Two things from this, one Rob had to work with players who came off the couch. And with the players he had during the latter part of the season they did okay. But there was a drop off with Bruce Carter and Shawn Lee going down with injuries that sidelined them for the year. So Rob had to work with Home Deopt Employees as players, and everyday was like training camp. And I think Jerry Jones had Monte Kliffn’s phone number on speed dial. This move was in the works weeks before Jerry sent Rob Ryan packing. The Cowboys defense will be a 4-3 instead of a 3-4, a difference in coaching angles was the catylist for this move. Rob improved the defense while he was here for his two year stint. His talents is off to St. Louis, as the Rams new Defensive Coordinator. But I did not like the way this move happened, and Rob Ryan deserved one more season with all his player healthy. Things are shaking around Valley Ranch, and I got a feeling more is coming.
Despite another missed playoff opportunity, the Cowboys did get some regonition for their performaces. Jason Witten and DeMarcus Ware are going to the Pro Bowl again. And Dez Bryant was named Pro Football Magazine’s Most Improved Player of 2012. He was instrumental in the Cowboys playoff push and was Tony Romo’s fave go to target. We could be seeing Dez mature as a player, and that will be good going forward.
In case you did not know, NHL hockey is back. Finally!!!! The players and the Commissoner has reached a agreement, and it is game on. It is a 48 game sprint to the playoffs. And I think the Dallas Stars will get in with the mix of youth and veterans that will contribute. One player everyone is watching for is Jagmir Jagr. The NHL great is wearing Stars colors, and he is the type of player that will stableize this young Stars team. Coach Glen Gultzan had a good opening year despite missing the playoffs by a
eyelash. And in a short season, while the offenses get their footing, look for Keri Letenmen to play outstanding goalie. Enjoy the rush of the shorten NHL season.