DFW SPORTS MIX 02 14 13 By Don Arnick

The business of footbal continues long after the final bits of confetti has been swept off the floor of the Louisiana Superdome. The Baltimore Ravens had their victory parade, now the draft talk begins. NFL combine talk has started. But the high school recruting has ended. Another banner recruiting year for the Southeastern Conference. But Texas A&M has made a big splash and that momentum built by their sucessful first year in the SEC, and Johnny Mainzel’s Heisman trophy win has blue chip players going to College Station instead of Austin. Texas A&M lead all major colleges in Texas with the most high school recruits, with seven of them wide receivers. They want to become heisman material just like Johnny Football. As for the Texas Longhorns, the state which they use to dominate, is seeing their turf dominated by their rival Aggies. Texas gathered the smallest crop of recruits in years. Lowest number of high school players since 2003. It’s time to give the Longhorn brand a make over, so they can be revelant again. In the meantime, the Aggies are making the recruiting headlines in 2013. Which reminds me of the Alabama Crimson Tide caravan that rolled through town last year. A fan got up from his seat, drunk, and yelled the Crimson Tide will take all the top recruits from Texas. Now, Alabama must battle the Aggies in the recruiting war in Texas, as well on the field.
Victories have been hard to come by for the Dallas Mavericks. But there is hope in the camp that if they get on a hot streak they can sneak into that eight place spot. Of course they could face Oklahoma City again in the first round. Like I mentioned, winning has been tough for the Mavs this season. However, one win was a milestone for Head Coach Rick Carlsile. He caputred his 500 coaching career win over Portland. 500 wins, an NBA Championship, and plenty more victories to get. The post all star part of the season is coming up, which means time for the Mavs to streak into the post season.