DFW Sports Mix 03 07 13 by Don Arnick

Moody Coleseum has been the home to some great basketball moments at SMU, and a lot players who became legends inside that arena. Players like Gene Phillips, John Koncak, the great E.O Doc Hayes coached there. Ira Terrel played there to name a few. It opened in the mid 50’s, and it was a model arena for its time. Pro basketball was played there with the old ABA Dallas Chapparals, numerous concerts, it held lots of events. Moody is getting a facelift, both inside and out. It will be done before the 2013 basketball season, and the next time you will see it will have new suites, a new scoreboard, increased seating capacity. With their entry into the Big East, this had to do this to compete with the rest of the schools in that league.
In the «what» department. LA Lakers Kobe Bryant has a new nickname. He’s been known as the Black Mamba. You can call him Vino. Like in fine wine, which Kobe thinks he is. He tweeted this after a game recently, might have been having some post game vino. Kobe, stick to Black Mamba. Besides, Nike has to redo all those Black Mamba shoes and clothes, and you can scare the opposition with a nickname like Vino. He might be in a Vino phase. It will pass.
There will be a new national sports network to give ESPN some competition. FOX has announced on August 17 of this year, FOX Sports 1 will debut. Taking over the Speed Network. FOX Sports 1 has lots of sports to cover to make this cable network go. Pro and College football, major league baseball, MMA, and more. Plus, FOX has the regional networks which includes FOX Sports Southwest. But I am intrigued by the nightly talk show that will be aired. You can’t keep Regis Philbin retired, because he will be hosting that show. Get ready for Regis in prime time. Wow.