DFW Sports MIX    –   05 10 18 –

DFW Sports MIX – 05 10 18 –

The 2018 NFL Draft in North Texas is history.

The 2018 NFL Draft in North Texas is history. Having it in Jerry Jones’ backyard I’m here to say that I had fun strolling around outside ATT Stadium with all the interactive spots. The Dallas Cowboys and the NFL did a great job putting this elaborate display together. Bringing all the fans from every fan base of all 32 teams in the NFL together.
Overall, it was a fun event, although paying for a seven dollar corny dog was a bit too much.
Then, there was the draft it self. Cleveland did what everyone expected and picked QB Baker Mayfield from Oklahoma.
Yes, the Browns picked another quarterback…suprised?? Which brings us to the Cowboys and their pick at number nineteen. And they have all kinds of needs, especially on offense. With receivers and tight ends a concern now that Dez Bryant and Jason Witten gone, they picked a linebacker. Laden Vander Esch from Boise State. He has lots of speed and can fit in right now.
But here is my disappointment on the Cowboys in this years draft. How come they did not move up to secure Dallas Goedert? With the impending retirement of Jason Witten, Goedert was the top tight end in the draft. Cowboys should have made some deal to move up. Instead, the rivals from Philadelphia leaped over the Cowboys to get him.
The Pokes did get a tight end in Dalton Schultz from Stanford. And he might develop into a key player in a position that became so immediate so soon. But would you make a deal to move up in the draft to secure the top tight end? I would.
That is the wheel and deal of the annual player picking process known as the draft. Everyone is trying to out do everyone else. In this case, the Cowboys were out done.