DFW SPORTS MIX 10 11 12 By Don Arnick

What a bummer sports week here in the DFW. You can sense the mood of Dallas-Ft. Worth by how are local pro sports teams are doing after a big game. Well this past week was like a kick in the gut with a steel toe shoe with a rusty nail on top. First the Dallas Cowboys, who really stunk it up on Monday Night Football. When Tony Romo threw the touchdown pass to Miles Austin to bring the score to 10-7 against Chicago, fans were thinking we will be okay down by a fieldgoal at the half. What happened after that was embarrasing . Tony served up two interceptions, five total. Two went back for touchdowns. After the 38-10 loss, the Pokes had to listen to all the negative comments. Cowboys are soft, predictible. In short, a mess. Cowboys have Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens on the road. Cowboys offensive line better play well, or Tony Romo will be buried in the MM & T stadium turf, and he will say hello ot Edgar Allen Poe.
Then we have the Texas Rangers. We should have taken Oakland seriously. The team that uses moneyball to get talent based on their performances in certain situations, were the gnat that won’t get away. The season got close to ending, and the A’s were right there in the Rangers rear view mirror. And they got larger and larger and larger as the season went along. Rangers had a 13 game lead on Oakland, not that it was an issue back in the beginning of September. But the Rangers offense stopped scoring runs, averaging 4 runs a game, and the pitching struggled. And Oakland kept on winning and got closer to Texas. Close enough to put it on the line in the final three games of the regular season. Which the A’s swept and won the American League West. The Rangers played in the all or nothing play in game against Baltimore. Yu Darvish did what he did, pitched his heart out, and left with the Rangers down 2-1. That one run was all they can muster up as the Rangers lost to Baltimore 5-1, ending their reign as American League Champions two years straight. As for Josh Hamilton, the brunt of most Rangers fans who want to hang the blame on, his final time at bat was a strike out on three pitches. What a way to potentially leave Texas by being struck out. The Rangers ran out of gas down the stretch with a tired pitching staff with dead arms, and a offense that can’t find that extra gear. That spell watching the games at home instead of being involved.
Add to the sports depression of the week was TCU quarterback Casey Pacshall. He got arrested on DWI charges. In college when you play for your school , you represent your school in a positive manner. You have to be accountable for all your actions on and off the field. Someone forgot to tell Casey, who had problems with the law in the past. His actions resulted in a indefinent supension from the TCU team. And the team suffered as they lost to Iowa State in a key Big 12 game. I hope that todays college athletes get it, that acting up when on a major college team will always get you in trouble.