DFW SPORTS MIX 10 18 12 By Don Arnick

Okay Coach Mack Brown of Texas. Explain this one to the Longhorn fans and the large union of Texas Exes who watch football games with a very close eye. And can push
the button on the fire Mack campagian. The 63-21 blow out in the 2012 Texas – Oklahoma game in the Cotton Bowl, By the way it’s the 107th meeting of theses schools, just so you know. It started as ugly as it ended as OU started a long drive for a Blake Bell touchdown. The first of 4 on the day. But the dagger was put into Texas when Damien Williams got loose for a 95 yard touchdown. A history making touchdown, longest rushing touchdown in the history of this rivarly. And adding more bad news to Texas, Davis Ash went down with a wrist injury in the fourth quarter. Watching the game on television, and the cameras were placed outside the Cotton Bowl, midway into the second quarter, Texas fans were leaving in droves. They could not get to the Fletchers Corny Dog stand quick enough, and OU had a party as they kept scoring. Ugly numbers, OU had 677 yards of total offense, while Texas had 289. There maybe some deeper problems at Texas, if you can’t win the biggest game of the year. And losing the last three games in this series shows that the folks in crinson red has got the Horns number. For Oklahoma, the win puts the Sooners back in the top ten. Possibly BCS contention if they continue to win out. As both OU and Texas move forward after this battle, we will see which team has the games that mean something down the stretch. Texas might be going to some unknown bowl game as their reward for a so
so year. Another 6 win season for Bevo’s bunch.
Well many folks thought the Dallas Cowboys would have the same fate the Longhorns had. Get blowed out. Instead they went toe to toe with The Baltimore Ravens, who have the most feared defense in the NFL. What happened was the Cowboys did everything you can do to win against the team dominating like Baltimore. Held the ball longer, amassed the most rushing yards over the Ravens in their team history, 227 yards. They did everything , but win. It came down to special teams, and Ravens Jacoby Jones ran for the record book in the thrid quarter with at 108 kickoff return, as Pokes special teams woes continues. Still, Cowboys QB Tony Romo gave his team a chance, and Dez Bryant came up with key
catches, including a 4 yard touchdown to bring the Pokes to 31-29. But the two point conversion went through Bryant’s hands. The Cowboys did the onside kick and recovered, giving kicker Dan Bailey a chance to win the game with 6 seconds left. But this time, Bailey was not money in th bank as his kick went wide, and the Cowboys came short
31-29. This was a heart breaker to take because the Cowboys played well enough to win, but could not get it done. The Pokes are a work in progress team, as they get good,
get use to the heartbreak games that come with this season.