DFW Sports Mix 10 31 13 por Don Arnick

From the beginning of the Texas Rangers season to the end, there was confusion on who the top person in the front office. Nolan Ryan was the COO of the franchise, but his role was more of the front man of the Rangers who shook hands and did autographs. And General Manager Jon Daniels was doing the player movements on the team. Well you hate to see this happen, but big tex is no longer a part of the Texas Rangers. And all the success this team had when he was a player, or a front office person, was all Nolan Ryan’s doing. He raised the franchise bar as far as the image of the team. The atmosphere, and how people perceive rangers baseball. He has put this team in a much better place. Now it is Jon Daniels turn to keep this team going. He better have a great off season filled with high grade free agents. Jon is smart, but he does have the baseball knowledge like Nolan does. So for Jon do have a great off season, the big name free agent players better come to arlington. There is a hungry fan base that wants results.
Certain losses should never happen. And to happen twice in the exact same way is cause for concern. Two years ago, the Dallas Cowboys had a big lead over the Detroit Lions. Only to have the Lions come back to win the game. Fast forward to this year. Cowboys had a 27-7 lead on the Lions again. Despite Calvin Johnson Megatron big day. 326 receiving yards, second most by any receiver in the history of the NFL. Cowboys Dez Bryant had a big day, but it was overshadowed by his sideline outburst. Yes it was childish, but his message is something Cowboys fans are feeling. This team is better than what they are showing, and he is sick of the losses in the last minute. Which how this game ended, on Lions QB Matthew Stafford one yard plunge. Pokes lose 31-30, another heartbreaking loss, and another reflection on how this Cowboys team has been over the recent seasons. Great talent, but is the mental toughness there? Fans are having their doubts.