DFW SPORTS MIX 11 01 12 By Don Arnick

The roller coaster ride that is the 2012 Dallas Cowboys continued with a game that put Pokes fans on that ride for four quarters. A few days before the Pokes-Giants game, the Cowboys sent an email to all season ticket holders. The letter was telling the fans to yell real loud, hoping that would make the difference in the game. For the
first quarter it did when Tony Romo served up 3 interceptions in the first half. The boos were raining down, from each section of Cowboys stadium as the boys were down 23-10. But the Cowboys saved face when they scored 10 points before the half to make the score Giants 23-Cowboys 10. At that time, the Cowboys needed to get some momemtum to make this game special and meaningful. And they did by scoring 14 points to take the lead 24-23. It looked like the Boys could have stole a win and saved their season. But the goof ball plays kept the Pokes from maintaining the momentum as Felix Jones coughed up the ball in the 4th quarter. Giants kicker Laurernce Tynes kicked two fieldgoals in the 4th to give the Giants some breathing room at 29-24. But the Cowboys were not done as they battled back. The heart break play of the game, Dez Bryant’s catch for a touchdown that was called back. He caught the ball, only to have his finger land on the white of the endzone. The one time you should not go to the salon for the manicure on saturday afternoon.
That was the game ender as the Cowboys lose 29-24. The end result of starting the game with three turnovers, 6 total and accounting for 26 giants points. If there is one thing to take out of this loss is that the Boys did not give up in this game. They battled hard only to go down again, and it is getting frustrating seeing this, your Boys giving their all only to come up short. With a tough schedule ahead of them, everyone is going to wonder will the boys see another win this season.
The Heisman Trophy race is on now. The race to get the most prestigious award in college football is a two man race. At the beginning, West Virginia’s Geno Smith was going to run away with the Heisman, but two back to back losses puts Smith in the back burner. Although he is in the mix, not much buzz about him the past few weeks. Enter Colin Klein from Kansas State. He has emerged as the current front runner in the Heisman race. Colin has a 19-4 record as the Kansas State starting QB, and his numbers got beefed up in the win over Texas Tech. Four touchdowns, 2 rushing and two passing. 316 yards total against a Texas Tech team that had the seventh ranked defense overall in college football.
Like I said last year, it’s what you do during November that determines if you win the Heisman. Remember Robert Griffin’s incredible run to the trophy with key wins over Oklahoma and Texas down the stretch. And Andrew Luck ran out of luck with a key loss. The writers who vote for the Heisman, and I’m not one of them, will factor in the overall season of a quarterbacks work. But it’s the big games in November that will tilt the scale, if Geno Smith and Colin Klein will battle to the wire for the Heisman. Right now it Colin Klein smelling nice like a fragrance from Cavin Klein in the run for the Heisman.