DFW SPORTS MIX 11 22 12 by Don Arnick

We are in the mixxle of football season. How about some baseball news? After all it’s baseball off season, and there will lots of news involving player movement. All eyes are on the Texas Rangers and what they are going to do with Josh Hamilton. The outfielder is a free agent, and he is shopping himself around the majors to see how his value is on the market. He is asking for a long term deal, 7 years. In this day and age not that many teams will pull that deal off. And teams look at the performance of Josh, including the games in the pennant run, which he went awol. Some players think that Josh mentaly checked out, he was not consistant with this play, and the fans know it. In the meantime, the Rangers are
looking around for some free agents to round out their rosters. Pitching is top priority, and Matt Grenkie is on top of that list. He would fit right in with Yu Darvish, Matt Holland, C.J. Lewis, and the bunch. Picking up a speedy player would be great if the Rangers snare B.J Upton, who’
would be a great speedy addition to the Rangers. Free agency is a opportunity for players to see how the market is going with their baseball worth. The Rangers are learning that in case we lose our
main guy, that money we had for Hamilton could be used to get other quality players. That’s how free agency go.
They Rangers announced that they are going to play 2 exhibituon games in San Antoino on March 29-30 against San Diego in the Alamodome. Its the first time the Alamodome will have baseball in its history. San Antoino will see some MLB action for the first time in a while. Should be fun.
Watching the Dallas Cowboys this season is like pulling teeth. Painful to watch, as they stumble and bumble their way through a game. Yet, through the offensive line issues, and the penalites that plague this team during the season, the Pokes are within striking distance of the NFC east division lead. Special teams has failed the cowboys this season, but there is a new light. Duane Harris has provided a spark with a punt return and a key return agaanist the Browns. And the Rob Ryan defense is showing up to play. The games im worried about is Pittsburgh and Cincinnati if you want to see how good this year’s Pokes squad is. December is the Cowboys slump month. Lets see if they can change December’s fortune.