DFW Sports Mix 12 13 12 by Don Arnick

The legend of Johnny Football continues to grow. This time his legend and fame continues with Heisman night. The quarterback for Texas A&M was one of three candidates for the Heisman that was invited to the Heisman Trophy party in New York. Manti Teo from Notre Dame and Colin Klein from Kansas State also was there. When the votes came in, Johnny Manziel was
the one that wins the Heisman. The first freshman ever in the history of the Heisman award to win it. It comes down to what you did in November that win you the Heisman. If you lose
one game durning that month, your chances of winning the Heisman is washed down the drain. Ask West Virgina’s Geno Smith, who lost two games that month. Ask Andrew Luck, who lost
a game last year in November. And ask Robert Griffin III who won lights out on the way to winning the Heisman last year. Manziel got hot late in the season, and beating Alabama on the road was like winning 3 games against top ten teams. Manti Teo was the runner up in the competition. And if you are a Aggies fan, you got to be giddy because Manziel is a freshman with upside.
Him and the Aggies will be better big time, and a force to be reconed with in the SEC. And the Aggies has made that statement. The date with the Oklahoma Sooners on January 4 in the ATT
Cotton Bowl awaits. Another chance for Johnny Football to contiune to add to his legend.
This was the most difficult weekend for the Dallas Cowboys, dealing with a death of a player because another player on the team had a bad judgement call. Josh Brent was driving teammate and long time friend Jerry Brown, who was signed on for the practice squad. Brent took the wheel after some drinks and flipped his car over in Irving minutes later. Jerry Brown was found dead while Josh Brent was in jail charged with manslaughter. For the Cowboys, dealing with a loss while getting ready for a big game against Cincinnati was difficult. My hats go out to Coach Jason Garret who got his team ready to play despite the difficult times of the weekend. As usual, the Pokes started slow, but gave up fieldgoals instead of touchdowns when the Bengals had the ball. But like in previous weeks, the Cowboys got in position to make a comeback. Down 19-10, QB Tony Romo hooked up with Dez Bryant for a 27 yard touchdown to make it 19-17. The defense came up with a 3 and 5 stop with Anthony Spencer sacking Bengals QB Andy Dalton. The Cowboys had a big 3 and 5, and DeMarco Murray got the first down. Opening the door for Dan Bailey to kick the 40 yard fieldgoal. The made kick gave the Cowboys the 20-19 win, but it was more than that. It was a team, which was grieving due to a loss of a team mate, and in honor of Jerry Brown played very inspired football and got the win which they really needed. On a very difficult weekend, the Dallas Cowboys came together as a team. And they need that togetherness going forward.