DFW Sports MIX

The Texas Ranger were recently eliminated out of playoff contention. Yes, I know, they were eliminated after the all star break. But there are some heroics to tell you about. Michael Young had another 200 hit season. His star continues to rise for the short stop. Another gold star performer is Gary Matthews, Jr. He recently hit for the cycle, in order. And let’s not forget the defensive play this summer against Houston, stealing a home run away from Mike Lamb. Inconsistant pitching is the reason why the Rangers won’t see any post season play. Tough to play catch up when your pitching staff gives up runs to put the offense behind the 8 ball. Back to a concern. Gary Matthews is having a career year, and this is a contract year for him. If the Rangers are serious about contending for post season action in 2007, Matthews must be locked up long term. The Rangers have a history of letting players go, by trade or free agency, only for them to do very well away from the DFW. I hope new GM Jon Daniels is smarter than the other GM’s that has run this team in the past, and sign the best center fielder the Rangers have ever had. Yes, Gary Matthews is that good.

Two games in the book, and the Dallas Cowboys are right where they want to be, 1-1. And Terrell Owens must be a fast healer, because coach Bill Parcells is talking about getting him ready for the Tennessee game after the bye week. And there is something to be learned about Cowboys fans, and the QB controversey that they were stoking up. When he is on, Drew Bledsoe is dangerous. He was against the Skins the other night. Not much talk about Tony Romo getting his regular season chance, at least for this week.