DFW Sports MIX

If you think about it, playing the game was the best kind of therapy the Dallas Cowboys needed. The 45-41 win over Tennennsee capped off the most tumultuous week the Pokes franchise has ever had.

What could topped the antics of Michael Irvin in a hotel room? Terell Owens and his health scare, or sucide attempt. Either way, it put owner Jerry Jones on edge, admitting that this was the most intense moments since he has owned the Cowboys.

Well, all news is good news to end the week. The Pokes won, and two things we learned from this week.

Terry Glenn will always be open when TO has the double team. Vince Young has a ways to go to match his college winning ways in the NFL. For Terrell Owens, the spotlight will be on him again.

The Boys take on Philadelphia, the first meeting since TO parted ways with the Eagles. Don’t expect a lot ot love from the Eagles fans when TO steps on the field at the Linc. The best therapy for TO, a good game with a Pokes win.