DFW Sports Mix

Dallas Cowboys fallen from the mighty

Well, I’m back. After a two year stint away, and out of town. I have returned and so has the DFW Sports Mix. So what’s going on while i was away. Well lets talk the here and now. The Dallas Cowboys, wow have they fallen from the mighty. September we were talking the Pokes we in the Super Bowl conversation. Now, they are in the conversation of not making the playoffs. Every part of the Cowboys game has broke down, and it was a slow process getting to bad. Offense not executing, defense not stopping anyone, and special teams disappointing. Add to that, injuries to key people, and the Cowboys are barley hanging on to any playoff chance. In the history of the Pokes, no head coach has been fired during the season. But the heat has been turned up on Coach Wade Phillips, who has made a slight change of calling the defensive plays more now. But now everyone that wears a Cowboys jersey must be accountable for the teams downhill slide. The good news is that the season coube be saved, but the tough part of the season lies ahead. The Giants and Redskins start the month of November, and quarterback Tony Romo is scheduled to be under center when the Boys go to D.C. I hate to see the Cowboys go into the game with the Skins 4-5, but that is a real possibility.

While the Cowboys attempt to right out the ship, the Dallas Mavericks start their season with the Houston Rockets. The question for the Mavs, is where are they in the Western Conference of the NBA? Well, you got a new coach in Rick Carlile. And what bad blood that was left when Avery Johnson got fired will be long forgotten. I think the Mavs will do well as long as Jason Kidd fires off on the break, and feeds the ball to Dirk, Jason Terry, and Josh Howard. And the Mavs must continue to play pressure defense, which got the Mavs to the Finals in 2006. Will they get back to the finals? Well, in a tough western confernence the Mavs are a middle of the pack team. I look for them to be a sixth seed in the playoffs come post season time. San Antoino, Los Angeles Lakers, New Orleans, Utah are the tops in the west. And don’t forget Houston, with the addition of Ron Artest, the Rockets will have some bite on defense. A real good addition to go with Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady. It will be another battle for being king of the heap in the NBA West. By the way, they took a pole of NBA general managers. They pick LA Lakers-Boston to have a Finals rematch with the Lakers winning it all next June. We will see.

November a gritty month for College football

College football is getting into the gritty month of November. Bowl bids, ranking positioning, all on the line this month. But i found a couple of unusual nuggets of info for you. On offense you got to have a balance of pass and run in order to win. Well, the Navy Shipmen ran 77 plays against SMU. All running plays, and they made it work in a 34-7 win over the Ponies. It has been a tough start for new Coach June Jones as hegets his run and shoot offense system in place. Freshman QB Bo Levi Mitchell showing some greatness, but the Mustangs defense give up more points than the Mustangs can score. But I have a feeling as time goes along, the Ponies will get better, losses become wins. But things take time, hopefully the SMU faithful will be patient enough to let Coach Jones do the work.

Matt Williams, a normal student at Texas Tech, went to a Red Raider game. His name got called to kick a fieldgoal for a prize, which was free rent on his dorm. He made a 30 yard kick, and got his prize. But he got something that football dreams are made of. Coach Mike Leach is having problems with his place kicker, talk about opportunity meeting the chance.

Matt goes from fan to player. He got suited up for the Red Raider match with Kansas, which Tech won 63-21. But here is the new, walk on kicker Matt Williams went 9 for 9 on extra points. Hmmmmmm, I wonder what he will do if Tech is down by one to Texas. His foot could knock off the number one team in the land. Stay tuned.