DFW Sports Mix

Call it a must win, a desperation win, at this point in the NFL season you can forget about style points. And how good you look in winning does not matter now. It all about getting wins and getting into the playoffs.

And the Dallas Cowboys had their backs to the wall going into the game with the Washington Redskins. And with Tony Romo back at QB, most people expect him to be the knight in shining armour to save the Pokes season. Well, he threw two interceptions to which one of them led to a touchdown as Tony struggled with the pinky finger. But there were two things about the Pokes that look good in this game, and they did this before the slump. The defense played great, holding a high powered Skins offense to 10 points.

And Terrance Newman had Redskins receiver Santana Moss in a straight jacket all night long. Newman had a interception and broke up a key 4 and 2 pass play. The defense played their best game so far this year.

The other thing, Tony Romo looked good after the two interceptions. He settled down and got the ball moving, speading the passes around to Owens, Williams, Witten. But it was Martellus Bennet, the rookie tight end, who made the catch to put the Boys in front for good in the 4th quarter. And Marion Barber beating down the Skins defense to kill time off the clock, converting on a key 4 and 2 play to get the first down to seal the win.

Romo was good, not great, and he did not have to be great in this game.

Doing the basics got the job done for the Boys. The season is saved for now, with San Francisco and Seattle coming in wins over the next two teams would put the Cowboys at 8-4. Putting them deep into the wild card playoff hunt, with 6 other teams battling for 2 wild card spots.

The Texas Rangers made a aquisition recently. Picking up a player with the last name of Maddox. Okay, it is not Greg. But his older brother Mark Maddox, who is now the Rangers new pitching coach. He has the task of turning around the team with the highest ERA of any team in the majors last year. And he will do this with the staff he’s got. He had the Milwaukee Brewers pitching staff with the second best ERA in the National League. And for those folks looking for CC Sabathia coming to texas, no so fast yall.

Rangers are not looking for big time free agent pitchers, just a coach who can work with the staff to turn things around.