I was watching the Philadelphia-Minnesota wild card playoff game, like everyone else. And I keep saying to myself when the game was over. That could have been the Cowboys playing the Vikings, and we could beat them. Cowboys defense could have controled QB Tarveres Jackson and slow down Adrian Peterson. But that did not happen, because for some reason, the Cowboys stunk it up the second half of the season. With another slumping December that was capped off by losses to Baltimore and Philadelphia. This season, the Cowboys was tapped by most experts to be in the Super Bowl in Miami. Now they are going to watch the game at the sports bar with you.

One word says it all for the Cowboys downward slide, Coaching. Wade Philips needs to go. It’s a loose ship at Valley Ranch, no dicipline, players are out of control. And that channels to the playing field on game day. Proof, the loss to the Eagles which the boys came umprepared and uninspired in a game which a win could have put the Cowboys in the Post Season tournament. Let’s do this, bring Mike Shanahan in here. Put him as head coach, reassign Wade Philips as defensive coordinator, let Mike be in charge of the offense. Let both these folks do what they do best. The Cowboys are in need of a shake up, and it should start now. By the way, want a Dallas Cowboy player at your super bowl party? They are available.