DFW Sports Mix by Don Arnet

We are still hurting by the elimination of the Dallas Mavericks out of the NBA playoffs. So who would have thought that the Texas Rangers would be out rolling at this point. Yes, the same Texas Rangers that had the worst pitching in the majors, are getting it done with pitching. Whatever Mike Maddox, the new Rangers pitching coach, is teaching them he should bottle it and sell it for $2.95. Kevin Millwood never looked better on the mound, if only Ranger bats can give him run support. Matt Harrison, one of the Rangers young guns, is pitching great. So is the bullpen. And Frankie Francisco should be back in the lineup as the closer, he has spent some on the injured list. They swept Seattle and the LA Angels, but we will see what’s to the Rangers in June. They open the month on the road with the NY Yankees, and the Boston Red Sox. Two teams that the Rangers have a hard time winning. Maybe the new attitude this Ranger team can carry them

through a month of June.

I’ve been fighting off the reason why Josh Howard should not be traded. The Mavs agree that they are 1 or 2 players away from getting back to the finals. Two things must happen for the Mavs to get back to the finals. Jason Kidd must re-sign with the Mavs. They need a point guard, and he’s the best on out there. Second, and I have to go ahead and trade Josh for someone of equa talent. The Dallas Mavericks can hang their heads high for a good season, which has them knocking of San Antoino.

Don’t look for any radical changes with the Mavs this off season. However, this team is plotting a way back to the finals. And they will do fine with or without Josh.

The Dallas Cowboys are back on the field for off season work outs for the first time after the collaspe of the Cowboys practice facility. ‘

The good news is that no one was killed in that incident. However, coach Rich Beam is parlyzed from injuries due to the practice facility coming down. In sports, we watch the competiting spirit when two opponets go head to head. In a incident like the Cowboys practice facility coming down in a wind gust, we saw the human element. That athletes who we admire and look in awe to, are human too. And they are open to the same worries we have.