DFW Sports Mix by Don Arnet

I spent my weekend in Arlington, Texas. You know, the spot with Six Flags, Texas Rangers, and the biggest sports venue anywhere in the world. The new Cowboys Stadium has put the WOW into how to host a sporting event. And being a part of the largest crowd to see a soccer game in North Texas was electric. I did not spend $40 for parking. It helps to have a cousin who lives 3 blocks down from the stadium. But it looks like the parking bugs are worked out.

Inside, the big HD screens showing you info about the stadium, and airing any sporting event while I was working my way to my seat is rather impressive. Much more impressive is the large scoreboard on top of the stadium. Gee, I would like to see a movie shown there one night. I was in level 4. You would be thinking the players on the field look small from that vantage point. Actually, the view is not bad from up high, the sight lines are pretty good for a venue this massive.

The Vice President of Programing for ESPN says the new Cowboys Stadium is the most amazing sports venue to broadcast a game. And he is so right on that statement. If you watched the soccer game between Chelsea and America recently, you have to be amazed by the place too. How close the fans are to the action, if you are the lucky one to be in field level suites. And if you are in the upper deck, you are still up close to the action. TV networks will be licking their chops to set up shop at the new home for the Cowboys. FOX is next up for that opportunity, they got the last Cowboys pre season game in August.

The Dallas Mavericks have been busy getting players. They wanted Martin Gortat from Orlando, but the Magic matched the Mavs offer, making Gortat the highest paid back up center in the NBA. Well, here’s plan B. Getting Shawn Marion, was a great move. Getting Tim Thomas might not make much of a trimmer in the NBA world, but getting a player to help the mavs three point shooting is great. He can spread out the opposing defense with his three point bombs. And needing more help in the front line, Drew Gooden has been added to the Mavs. He can play center and forward. The way things are the Mavs are a 6th place playoff team now. If the Lakers don’t sign Lamar Odum, and he flees, Lakers could drop down a bit, and the Mavs might move up. It’s possible.