Two games to go in the regular season, the Dallas Cowboys were up on the NY Giants by one game. Pokes lost to Philly, and in a playoffs or nothing game the Pokes lost to the NY Giants. And lets not forget they lost to the G-Men a few week earlier. And while the Cowboys watched Eli Manning work his comeback magic against the New England Patriots, most folks were saying, » that could have been us on Super Sunday.» Weird how this NFL is at the beginning of the season, the Philadelphia Eagles were given the Lombardi trophy for getting all those free agents. They did not get in the playoffs. The NY Giants were the last team everyone expected to win it all. They got on a hot streak late, and the G-Men are not afraid to win on the road, which they did. Similar to what they did in 2008, three big games on the road, a Lawrence Tynes field goal get them into the Super Bowl. And remember the 4th down pass to David Tyree which he held the ball to his helmet and it counted as a reception. The same luck happened with Mario Manningham keeping his toe in play at the 50 yard line. Setting up Ahmad Bradshaw with a touchdown to take the lead, and win the Super Bowl
The NY Giants are now the measuring stick to which every team must get to, including the Cowboys. And that true in quarterbacks. A few years ago, it was Tony Romo, Aaron Rogers, and Eli Manning in that group of young QB that has the stuff to win Super Bowl. Well the Super Bowl score card shows Eli Manning 2, Aaron Rogers 1, Tony Romo none. When it will be Tony Romo’s time to hold the Lombardi Trophy high in the air for all the world. When will the Cowboys get to level of the Giants, who has separated from average to the top of the pack which everyone must follow. Will we get the players to match the Giants talent level. The off season has lots of questions for the Cowboys to answer. The NY Giants, an average team that is now achieved Super Bowl status.