DFW SPORTS MIX bY Don Arnick 03 05 15

March is here….though the weather does not look like spring recently. But the basketball focus has intesefied. The Dallas Mavericks are in a Western Conference battle and they need to keep winning to get a decent seed. And they picked up another player from the NY Knicks. Amare Stodermire is gonna help out the Mavs with his offense, and the defensive bite that coach Rick Carsile needs in the push for the playoffs. Now one player that is still feeling his way, and making things unseasy in the Mavs camp is Rajon Rondo. The aquirre from Boston has not found his role oon the team. This subject caaused him and coach Carsilie to have a dust up during a game recently. This Mavs team is not like any other team where the players pretend that they are the coach. Rick Carlsile knows his role and Rondo must know his in order to function in Coach Carlisle system. Shared sacrifice is what the Mavs practice, and Rondo must get that message. He is a good point guard, and he must have his role defined moving forward with the playoff push ongoing.
The dream of playing in the big dance begins in the first week of March. The Big 12 Womens Basketball Classic is March 6-9 at the AAC. It will be some entertaining ladies hoops action coming up. I will be there, hope you will too.