College football is down to its last week of regular season games. Let the BCS fun begin!!! Let us start with TCU, who went undefeated in its regular season for a second straight time. The capper was a 66-17 win over New Mexico. With Boise State losing to Nevada, TCU secures third ranking in the BCS. More likely, they will head out west for the Rose Bowl, and a date with
Wisconsin. More on TCU, and a move they are having in a bit.
SMU needed a win to get to the Conference USA Championship. They had to work overtime to do it, but the Ponies got it done with a 45-38 win over East Charlotte. Second straight year June Jones SMU squad goes to a bowl game.
But they would love to go into a bowl game as conference champions. A win over Cemtral Florida will do that. They play the Golden Knights in Orlando this Saturday.
The Nebraska Cornhuskers is leaving the Big 12 this season. What better way to leave the Big 12 than to take on Oklahoma, who survived Bedlam with a win over Oklahoma State. Nebraska and Oklahoma has a history of good football games over the years. The final meeting coming up at Cowboys Stadium for the Big 12 Championship should be a memorable one.
Back to TCU. They made a announcement. The horned frogs are moving to the Big East. The Frogs want the eastern exposure, But the automatfc BCS Bowl big is anotther reason why as TCU goes into the BCS party as the newest member
of the Big East. That move does not start till 2012.
Well another DFW sport team went to the championship summit, only to be turned away. Gee, it has been that way since the Stars lost to New Jersey in 2000. FC Dallas gave their fans some hope being up 1-0 in the MLS Cup Championship game in Toronto. But Colorado got a goal to tie the game, the battle went to overtime. The worst way to lose a soccer game, in this case a championship match, is scoring an own goal to the opposing team. That is what
happened to the Hoops. Thus the end result was Colorado winning the MLS Cup Championship 2-1.
Nontheless, you got to throw your hats to Schellas Hyndman, who took the Hoops head coaching job after a sucessful run at SMU. And his winning style has finally took with the player at FC Dallas. The 18 game unbeaten streak got them in the tournament. And the Cup game. For Hoops fans, next year they will try again.

Now that the Thanksgiving dinner is dwendled down to leftovers, which I can make sandwiches, Im still reeling over the Cowboys loss to the Saints. And how close we were to hanging another loss on the Super Bowl champs. Can there be
positives coming from a loss where the Boys were so close, only to have it taken away like Roy Williams having the ball stolen from him by a Saints defender? I say yes.
Yes the Saints came out like a team that was going to run away with this game, being up 17-0, later 20-3 This is the difference between a Jason Garrett coached team and a Wade Phillips coached team. And when kicker David Buheler
knocked through the 53 yard fieldgoal before the half to make it 20-6, one play would make this a game. The reverse play by Miles Austin for a 60 yard touchdown cut the Saints lead to 20-13. And it servered notice that the Boys were going to push the Saints to the brink. And they outplayed the Saints in the second half. The overrated Reggie Bush gave the Pokes two breaks, a
dropped pass and a fumble. Marion Barber and Tashard Choice got the two touchdowns the Pokes needed to take the lead at 27-23. Things were lined up for a Cowboys Thanksgiving win, and a memorable game for the ages. Well it was
memorable, for one play that will be talked about for a while.

Roy Williams breakaway, and the Saints strip of the ball. Saints QB Drew Brees need 5 plays, and the Lance Moore 12 yard touchdown was the capper, and the Saints overtake the Boys 30-27. If only David Buhelers 59 yard kick
would have found the middle instead of drifting left by a foot, who knows what could have happened in overtime.
It comes down to one play to change momemtum, which is often fickle. And for the Cowboys, a lesson on how to close game when you have the chance.
Lessons the Saints have already learned. And they have the current super bowl crown to show for it.