Im sitting here, counting the days before Super Bowl 45 comes to the
Metrpolex. Kinda sad for the fact that the Dallas Cowboys are not the host
team for this event. It would have been fun. Of course there are a number of
reasons why the boys are not going to make the play in the big game. And when
the playoffs are out of reach, you look at the reserve talent to see what they
got. What they got is a very capable quarterback in Steven McGee, who has the
arm and moxie to become a quality quarterback in the NFL. With John Kitna done
for the night against the Cardnials, McGees opportunity came up. And led the
Cowboys rally that was capped off with a touchdown pass to Miles Austin. Which
gave the Cowboys the lead. Only to have kicker David Buhler to miss the easy
extra point. And the Cowboys defense let the Cardinals march down the field to
give Birds a chance at the win, which they did.
Evaluation is something no team wants this time of year, which is a sign
that this cowboys season went bad. Jerry Jones was not shy as he show his
disappointment on televison. And for Coach Jason Garrett, he might have
slipped down the ladder on Jerrys evaluation chart for the Head Coaching job
full time. Whether Garrett, or someone else, they will have a job on their
hands trying to fix the Cowboys. It has been two decades since the Boys been
to the big Super Bowl game. This season has been a nightmare all the way