There is a word I want to use today, and I have two examples of it. Redemption. A chance to make amends, and to right some wrongs. Here is the first one. Nick Folk. Current New York Jets kicker, was a Dallas Cowboys kicker. He had a pretty good first two years, even went to a pro bowl. But his last year in a Cowboys uniform was a nightmare, as he missed easy kicks. Inconsistancy plagued him during last season. And missing a easy kick against New Orleans to put the game away spelled his ticket out of Dallas. Fast forward to now. Nick is the Jets place kicker. Like last year, he was up and down. Driving coach Rex Ryan nuts. But the Jets got into the tournament, Coach Ryan has been preaching Super Bowl or bust. And some games will be decided on Nick Folks leg. The Indy Colts Peyton Manning marched his team in position to let Adam Vinneteri kick a 50 yard fieldgoal to give the colts a 16-14 lead. Jets QB Mark Sanchez marched the Jets
into fieldgoal position, putting the entire game and season on Nick Folk. Will the pressure be too great, and will he have flashbacks of last season where he missed pressure kicks. The answer, 32 yard fieldgoal, good. Jets eliminated Peyton Manning and the Colts with a 17-16 win. And getting the gorilla off Nick Folks neck.

The other example is Bo Levi Mitchell. He was a quarterback at SMU when new coach June Jones took over. Bo had a tough time adapting to Coach Jones run and shoot offense scheme. He got sacked alot, and got injured to miss the remainder of last season. With Kyle Pardron taking over at QB, Bo knew it was time to go elsewhere. That place was Eastern Washington University in Cheney, Washington. A division one NCAA school put him in the starting line up. And he did well, with a 12-2 record. Good enough to put his team in the Division one Championship game against University of Deleware. That meant a trip back to Dallas, to kill some demons. Early on,the Deleware Hens bottled up Eastern Washington. After three quarters, they were up 19-0. Into the fourth quarter, where Mitchell led the Wildcats to three touchdown drives of 80, 89, and 69 yards to overtake the Deleware Hens 20-19. In one of the most entertaining games of college footballs
post season.
So safe to say, redemption is a chance to prove to some folks that you still got it. You still can get wins. And for Nick Folk, and Bo Levi Mitchell, a chance to slay some demons and put them to bed.